Saturday, January 13, 2018

Challenge: Attach Correct Cause to Each Effect

First Effect:
Food riots grip western Venezuela, mob reportedly slaughters cattle in field
Unrest over food shortages spreads through the country

SAN CRISTOBAL/BARINAS, Venezuela, Jan 11 (Reuters) - Hungry mobs ransacked a food collection center, and a supermarket in Venezuela's western Andean state of Merida on Thursday and reportedly even slaughtered cattle grazing in a field as unrest over food shortages spread through the country.

An opposition lawmaker from Merida, Carlos Paparoni, said four people had died and 10 were injured in the chaos over the last two days, but he did not specify the circumstances.

Four years of recession and the world's highest inflation have plunged millions of Venezuelans into poverty, and President Nicolas Maduro's authoritarian socialist regime faces mounting unrest.

Possible causes:
a. Donald Trump
b. Nicolas Maduro

Second Effect:
90% Of Workers Likely To See More Money In Paycheck Next Month
Strongest holiday sales since Great Recession, up 5.5%, topping industry's forecast

Possible causes:
a. Donald Trump
b. Nicolas Maduro

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