Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Climate Change and Geologic Boundaries

Climate Change Linked to Continental Geological Faults

In a broad theoretical sense, the NASA study shows that the climate influence of Earth’s major oceanic and continental fault boundaries is greatly underappreciated.
Well, certainly all those software models take this effect into account... right?


TreeCut22 said...

Retired engineer quoted retired geologist on exaggerated conclusion regarding well know facts about Climate Research...


Now why don't you look into what working scientists say?

Steven Satak said...

We have. What they have to say largely depends on who they're working for.

You get the "science" you pay for, I suspect.

Not that it matters. When every possible outcome is covered - when it's no longer possible to falsify a theory because ideology forbids it - we're not talking about science anymore.

We're talking about the religion of environmentalism. And I am guessing you are one of the smug faithful. You don't live in the same reality I do. You want power over other people. I want the truth. So responding further to your jibes is a waste of time.