Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Is It Distrust? Or

D.C. MCALLISTER: No, Jaylen Brown, Racism Is Not Why Blacks Underperform in School. “A culture of distrust might have more to do with it.”
As D.C. notes, a culture which accuses studious black students of “acting white” has something to do with it, too.
I can't get past the feeling that deep down inside all (almost all?) blacks hate me. And it's not because of my skin tone so much; it's because they are taught to hate, right there in the school system. There culture is regressed - like all Leftists - into rejection of Enlightenment principles, meaning rejecting all intellectual responsibility, personal responsibility,rational cause/effect thought processes, and accepting total Victimhood at the hand of the purveyors of evil Enlightenment values: western culture, creativity, goal oriented responsibilities; cause/effect logic. So all those annoying values are openly rejected - "acting white" - and discriminated against. Not discrimination by western Enlightenment; by themselves. But in order to live in a western culture while rejecting that culture, at least at a primordial level, results in poverty. Poverty of wealth, of course, and also poverty of thought, poverty of vision, and poverty of success despite official opportunity leveraging in their favor.

Victimology requires a class of oppressors, and being a western Enlightenment proponent, I qualify for their Oppressor Class designation, in spades.

It seems to originate in their schools. And it is not possible to tell whether the oncoming black person hates me. But the probability seems to be high that such is the case. That's too bad. But it is not racist to be leery of a population that rejects you and, well, hates you.

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