Monday, January 22, 2018

Leftist Absurdities Today

Oxford University Extends Exam Time So Women Can Get Better Grades

Fordham Law Professor Tells African Americans to Claim Blackness as a ‘Disability’
Via email, College Fix reporters asked her whether Hispanics or other minorities could also claim disabilities, while also inquiring what her opinion would be if it were a white person who made the claim that black people are disabled. Paul-Emile did not respond.

In her article, Paul-Emile makes the stunning assertion that as a racial designation Black “was designed” to be disabling. “Racial categories were created explicitly to serve as a caste system to privilege some and disadvantage others,” she insists.

Professor: Small Preschool Chairs are Sexist, Problematic, Gendered
An Australian professor argues that small preschool furniture is “problematic” and “gendered,” in a recently published academic journal article.

In an academic journal article published earlier this month, Professor Jane Bone of Monash University in Austrailia argued that preschool classroom chairs are “problematic” and “gendered.”

The article argues that the small chair is a contentious and ambiguous artefact, which is taken for granted in early childhood settings, but also problematic when considered from different perspectives – an apparatus that both supports and betrays the body/ies that are in contact with it. Chairs, as objects that furnish human lives, can also haunt those lives and give contradictory messages of power, comfort and suffering. Now and to come, the chair is a trace, a symbol, an instrument of torture and object of desire.
Bone focuses primarily on the experience of adult teachers, who she claims are forced to deal with these “instruments of torture” on a daily basis in their preschool classrooms.

“In my first intra-active encounter with the small chair, I felt that it talked back to me about the preschool as a workplace that is gendered, feminsed, child-focused and ultimately disempowering,” Bone wrote.
Bone needs serious psychological help - and to be sequestered for her own good.

Nancy: ‘Trump Tax Scam’ a ‘Dark Cloud Hanging Over Capitol’
But there's this:
IMF: Trump Tax Cut to Accelerate Growth in U.S. — and Around World

Kamala: U.S. Must Protect ‘Dreamers’ in Any Deal to End Shutdown
A little late with that demand, Kamala.

State Department spending $592,500 to 'explore gender identities of boys and men in Kenya'
Let's see. They're "boys" and "men" right? See, that's easy.

Bill Cosby announces surprise 'comedy concert' in Philadelphia amid legal battle

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