Saturday, January 13, 2018

Nightmare of the Dreamers

The Democrats call them "Dreamers", those not born in the USA, but brought to the USA as children and who, ostensibly, know no other home. That is the emotional case. The law, however, declares them to be illegal aliens just as are their parents - not undocumented immigrants, but aliens illegally in this nation which is not their own.

The Left has always used minority groups, not to help the minority but to keep it in its place by giving it bare subsistence and promises never fulfilled. The Democrat party was formed to protect slavery and slavers, and after the Republican Union freed the blacks from their slavery, the southern Democrats invented Jim Crow Law, segregation and the Ku Kux Klan terrorists. For 100 years blacks were suppressed by the Democrats.

After the Democrats lost their fight against the 1964 Civil Rights Law, Lyndon B. Johnson invented the welfare fishhook: give, promise, keep in thrall, and reel in the votes. "I'll have niggers voting Democrat for the next hundred years", Johnson exclaimed. Welfare is the new form of Democrat slavery, widely known as the Leftist plantation.

To an extent, it worked. But now the post-Obama Democrats have radicalized to the point that "whitness" (code for western society and its creators) is the designated Oppressor Class, and the minorities not only are the Victimhood Class but also run the Democrat Party. White male Democrats are either self-effacing Feministas, or are perverts awaiting their public disclosure. White female Democrats have stood on the podium and declared that they must be silent and have no voice while the minorities take over. The party is openly neo-Marxist and Post Modernist anti-truth.

They are losing ground, as Trump demonstrated. They have consequently gone berserk. They need votes. And those would come from illegal aliens - i.e., the "DACA Dreamers".

To support this theory there is the letter from Clintonista Jennifer Palmieri. This documents the Dreamer issue in plain language:
The fight to protect Dreamers is not only a moral imperative, it is also a critical component of the Democratic Party’s future electoral success.
Of course it is. The Left must have its captured votes, because it cannot sell its product - pure Marxism - to rational, productive Americans. The Dreamers would be a vast source of votes which would be captured by the welfare fishhook: give and promise, keep in thrall. The Dreamers will find themselves on the Leftist Plantation where they must beg Democrats for sustenance while living in the Democrat ghettos.

The Dreamers are merely the Democrats' next shipment of slaves.

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Steven Satak said...

"The Dreamers are merely the Democrats' next shipment of slaves."

That clarifies things enormously. Why would the Dems be willing to trade things like chain migration, Visa lottery and the Wall - for DACA?

As I think Ann Coulter points out, ANY giving ground on DACA is tantamount to amnesty for ALL the illegal aliens. It's a historical fact.

As YOU point out, they're willing to trade away things they figure they can cancel later on, for the thing they need most now. 4 million warm bodies, all properly grateful to their Democratic benefactors.