Saturday, January 20, 2018

Oh Geez. This Guy Runs Google...

Googe CEO: A.I. more important to humanity than fire, electricity
Given his social justice focused, Post Modern structured corporation, I'm sure that Pichai considers it more important than actual truth, as well.


Steven Satak said...

Pichai will never suffer from the madness he promotes on others. His social justice for others is just that - for others - while he practices high nerdistry in his mansion.

A nerd is still a nerd. They lack the social perceptions, the actual empathy with other people, to function normally in a society. Pichai might once have had empathy. But he was first corrupted by the power of his own intellect, and then by the power that others gave him as he rose in the world.

His complete lack of a clue when it comes to dealing with anyone who disagrees with him, displaying all the classic signs of a hardcore limousine Leftist - this is what spiritual corruption looks like. It's why he can never actually do anything outside his ideology. Intellect is pointless when you *choose* not to look at something.

Steven Satak said...

Another thing.... you know how I know this guy is too far gone?

He talks about AI as though it were something we could accomplish.

The sheer arrogance, the complete and even eager handwaving of all the actual data we have on mind, the assumption that HIS approach is the correct one and the assumption that, with a world population of 7 billion people, we need AI... the man is a confirmed member of the elite. One set of rules for him, another for everyone else.

Too bad he's come to this. The real world is still out there. Burrowing into fantasy won't help - witness all the failed companies of the past few years whose leadership suffered from the same kind of wishful thinking, arrogance and spiritual rot.

Google will go down. They know it. They diversify, hoping to avoid extinction through obsolescence, but being outdated is not their problem. The effects of success on their 'leaders' is. Yahoo, Sears, Radio Shack, all the companies who died quietly or went down screaming - all died of terminal rot at the top.

This is not a symptom. It is the CAUSE.