Thursday, January 11, 2018

Pinker on Political Correctness and Withheld Truth

Would that this be true:


SS11 said...

I love Steven Pinker!

Steven Satak said...

I don't pay much attention to what Steven Pinker has to say. He's been useful to the Left for some time, but that's because he's the sort of professor who can, with a straight face, declare that the 20th Century is evidence that we are growing more kind towards each other.

He's written and sold entire books where he establishes - to his own satisfaction, no doubt - that the mind can be explained solely by the workings of the brain, aided by the storytelling-power of evolutionary psychology.

That materialism cuts its own throat as a philosophy and as a working explanation of how the mind works - that evolutionary psychology is a string of just-so stories based on the assumption that *another* just-so story (evolution) is absolutely true... nah, I'll not even click on this one.

Pinker may have published something that is temporarily favorable to conservatism and commonsense. But he has a track record of professional self-delusion, one that he has a talent for spreading like an infection.

Thus his usefulness to the Left, and thus, my rejection.