Sunday, January 21, 2018

Ryerson University and Oppression of Whites

White students barred from meeting at Ryerson University because they were not 'racialized'

First-year journalism students Julia Knope and Trevor Hewitt were attempting to attend a meeting hosted by the Racialised Students’ Collective

Ryerson University removing ‘offensive’ White Students Union signs on campus

TORONTO — Ryerson University is reacting quickly to a group calling itself the “White Students Union,” with officials removing signs across campus and spreading the message that they are in no way connected to the university.

The group, which also calls itself the Students for Western Civilization, said on its website that it is based out of Toronto and is composed primarily of students and alumni of Toronto universities.

It also lists its mission statement as follows:

To genuinely explore ethnic and cultural politics in a forum which does not exclude rightist or conservative perspectives.
To organize for and advance the interests of Western peoples.
To promote and celebrate Western Civilisation.

Ryerson University To Host ‘White Privilege Conference’ Following Cancellation Of Free Speech Event

Canada’s Ryerson University, which canceled a panel on free speech by psychology professor Jordan Peterson following complaints from social justice activists, is slated to host “The White Privilege Conference.”

The university announced this week that it plans to host the conference on May 9 to 12, inviting academics to participate in discussions revolving around “white privilege and oppression in Canada (and beyond),” according to the event page.

Public university cancels ‘White Lives Matter’ rally, violating First Amendment

Claims its ‘support of the First Amendment cannot be questioned’

A regent of the Texas A&M University System is on the record saying it can’t block a “White Lives Matter” rally scheduled for Sept. 11 on the flagship campus in College Station.

As a public institution, TAMU would violate the First Amendment if it denied a public facility to a group “due to political ideology,” he said.

TAMU did it anyway.

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