Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Shithole Countries: The Right Question

From Vox Day, in response to the Haitian protesters at Mar A Lago, shouting, "Our country is not a shit hole!":
And if their country is not a shithole, then why are they in the United States? Why do they complain so vociferously when Americans call for them to be sent back to these wonderful places?
Why? We know why... But the next question might be: "Are these people toilet-trained yet?"

And from the photos circulating, Haiti appears to be a grid of open shit canals and shit-filled streets and shit beaches, not to mention dirt cookies for children without actual food.
Haiti’s poor resort to eating mud as prices rise
Cookies made of dried yellow dirt become sustenance, livelihood, concern
Feces content of the mud is unknown.

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