Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Sweden: Impending "Destabilizing Event" Looks Like Civil War

Sweden Is Preparing For A "Civil War": PM Wants To Deploy Army In No-Go Zones

Even the Swedish Democrat leader Jimmie Akesson “declared war” against organized crime and suggested that Sweden should deploy the military to no-go zones to counter the out of control violence.

“People are shot to death in pizza restaurants, people are killed by hand grenades they find on the street,” Akesson said in parliament on Wednesday.

“This is the new Sweden; the new, exciting dynamic, multicultural paradise that so many here in this assembly … have fought to create for so many years,” he said sarcastically.

Peter Imanuelsen, an independent journalist in Sweden, summed up the recent developments in a timeline:

Government sends out leaflets to 4.7 million households telling them how to prepare for war
Leader for Swedish Democrat party says “A war is being waged on Swedish society”
Swedish PM is considering deploying the army in no-go zones


Steven Satak said...

They have their work cut out for them.

After years of not only turning a blind eye, but actually acting as apologists for religion-sanctioned rape and murder, the Swedes are waking up to the unpleasant fact that there's more at stake than the rape of a few girls here and there.

It's their whole society that's about to be bent over. The hard part, of course, was finding the political will to root out the Islamic rot. It meant having to tread their humiliating dance backwards, admitting they'd made a huge mistake, and then taking positive steps to deal with it once and for all.

Blood will run like rivers in the streets. Allah guarantees it. But it will be Islamic blood, and if they know what's good for Sweden, they won't stop until the rotters are either back in the Middle East or six feet under.

Jack said...

What about looking at what the Swedish government itself has to say??


Claim: "Refugees are behind the increase in crime, but the authorities are covering it up."
Facts: According to the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention's Swedish Crime Survey, some 13 per cent of the population were the victim of an offence against them personally in 2015. This is an increase on preceding years, although it is roughly the same level as in 2005.

The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention has conducted two studies into the representation of people from foreign backgrounds among crime suspects, the most recent in 2005. The studies show that the majority of those suspected of crimes were born in Sweden to two Swedish-born parents. The studies also show that the vast majority of people from foreign backgrounds are not suspected of any crimes.

People from foreign backgrounds are suspected of crimes more often than people from a Swedish background. According to the most recent study, people from foreign backgrounds are 2.5 times more likely to be suspected of crimes than people born in Sweden to Swedish-born parents. In a later study, researchers at Stockholm University showed that the main difference in terms of criminal activity between immigrants and others in the population was due to differences in the socioeconomic conditions in which they grew up in Sweden. This means factors such as parents' incomes, and the social circumstances in the area in which an individual grew up.

Swedish government agencies have nothing to gain from covering up statistics and facts; they seek an open and fact-based dialogue. Sweden is an open society governed by a principle of public access to official documents. This means that members of the public, e.g. private individuals and media representatives, have the right to insight into and access to information about the activities of central and local government.

Read more: The Swedish Crime Survey

Claim: "In Sweden there are a number of 'no-go zones' where criminality and gangs have taken over and where the emergency services do not dare to go."
Facts: In a report published in June 2017, the Swedish Police Authority identified 61 areas around the country that have become increasingly marred by crime, social unrest and insecurity. Of these 61 areas, 23 are considered to be particularly vulnerable.

These areas are sometimes carelessly called 'no-go zones'. While the Police Authority has stated that working in these vulnerable areas is often difficult, it is not the case that police do not go to them or that Swedish law does not apply there.

The causes of the problems in these areas are complex and multifaceted. To reverse the trend, more action is required from all of society, at all levels.


Stan said...

Interesting. There have long been two separate stories coming from Sweden; those stories coming from the government, and those stories from journalists, police and ambulance drivers.

VIDEO: Head of Ambulance Union Confirms 'No-Go Zones' in Sweden

Swedish police: 55 official no-go zones

Jewish filmmaker beaten in Sweden
'No-go zones are real,' says Ami Horowitz, after violent encounter in Muslim neighborhood. 'Police enforcement ends here'.

Are There No-Go Zones in Sweden? Police Identify Dozens of 'Vulnerable Areas' Rife With Criminality
By Josh Lowe On 6/21/17 at 1:46 PM
Parts of the city have been named among 61 "vulnerable areas" in the country by police.

Swedish police have named dozens of “vulnerable areas” marred by criminality in a report released Wednesday.

The study, an update on previous report from 2015, names 61 places with low socio-economic status where criminality has a significant effect on the community, The Local reported.

Those living in these places are often also vulnerable to religious radicalization.

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Police refer to these as “vulnerable areas.” In the past, the Swedish right-wing press have referred to them as “no-go zones,” but the police have repeatedly rejected the term.

Stockholm police chief Erik Åkerlund told Swedish radio last year that just because the areas had been marked as troublesome, it didn’t mean they were inaccessible: “For me it is more like 'go-go zones', it is where we work," he said.

But police did concede they and other Swedish authorities have much work to do to turn such places around.

National Police Commissioner Dan Eliasson said at a press conference Wednesday that the police had to work more closely with local authorities and community leaders to combat the problems in these areas. Appealing to other authorities who might be able to assist the police, he pleaded: “help us, help us."

The report also recommended changes to policing to help police officers stay in the job for longer, including better pay.

Of the areas on Wednesday’s list, 23 are considered “especially vulnerable” where there is a “widespread disinclination to participate in the judicial process” and “the situation is considered acute.”

Police believe 5,000 criminals and 200 criminal networks are based across the 61 areas.

These sources are not American Right Wing. It is true however, that the Left Wing MSM does not choose to carry any information which reflects badly on Muslims. Apparently that is true of the Left wing government of Sweden, which would have to admit culpability for letting the Muslims in in the first place.

Go-Go Zones, indeed!

Jack said...

There are 2 stories indeed: balanced and nuanced views of the complex, and often bad, situation in Sweden, as described by the government of Sweden, VS the fake exaggerated and often over-simplified news sources that you read apparently...

1) VIDEO: Head of Ambulance Union Confirms 'No-Go Zones' in Sweden

Of course, you can find people who agree with the term. It doesn't mean they are correct when no stats nor facts are presented, just anecdotes. Plus, this comes from a right-wing news source so it's expected.

2) Swedish police: 55 official no-go zones

Clearly, you did not even bother reading that. It's just an empty blog... Goes to show how well you do your research.

3) Jewish filmmaker beaten in Sweden
'No-go zones are real,' says Ami Horowitz, after violent encounter in Muslim neighborhood. 'Police enforcement ends here'.

Just some quote from a Breibart guy. He could be right but that's just one anecdote again and, on its own, it's useless to get a sense of the size of the problems.

4) Are There No-Go Zones in Sweden? Police Identify Dozens of 'Vulnerable Areas' Rife With Criminality
By Josh Lowe On 6/21/17 at 1:46 PM

So that was the article from Newsweek right? Couldn't put a link correctly?

Good, balanced and nuanced article. But you left out 1 part of it:
"The concept of “no-go zones” in Scandinavian countries has become popular with members of the American alt-right movement such as Infowars’ Paul Joseph Watson"
That's you it seems... you're part of that right-wing fringe that exaggerates everything and in turn gets all riled up by the exaggerations of right-wing sources. Because yes, the sources that say 'no-go zone' are indeed right-wing sources only. That paragraph that conveniently left out directly contradicts your statement.

You did not think I would follow through on reading your sources, didn't you?

Stan said...

1. You attack the source, not the information. And even your factcheck says this: "Factual Reporting: HIGH ... It has a strong right wing editorial bias, but reports news stories with strong sourcing." Your objection is rejected due to its bias and biased reading of fact checker and specifically lack of contrary facts.

2. You are correct here. I observed the title and did not read the content, which I assumed supported the title claim.

3. So you discount this based on an independent report which is not enough for you. Your Objection is rejected due to bias against facts.

4. Are you serious?? I included the part where the police call them GO-GO zones! The differing names do not change the character of the zones, and in fact the police nomenclature confirms that these are high crime, low civility zones which are very, very dangerous, AND the police are unable to control them and are saying "Help us! Help us!". And I published the actual police estimates of the number of miscreants in those zones.

You are a denialist for any facts which fall outside of the Leftist Narrative (Muslims are GUUD, and gays and women and Christians and Jews are officially under the bus).

Stan said...

And Newsweek is not a right wing source. So you are wrong there, too. Which is a strong indicator that most MSM sources do not report on the issues which go against the Leftwing Narrative, which again, is this:

Muslims are GUUD, and gays and women and Christians and Jews are officially under the bus [in order to accommodate our newest Victimhood Class, despite the inherent danger to our previous Victimhood Classes].

By classifying the actual truth as "fringe", you are following the rules of the Marxist/Leftist Class War by assigning the truth to the Oppressor Class]. I accept that and fully intend to behave as I am cynically classified: I will continue to pursue all sources of true and valid information regarding those things that the Left suppresses and attempts to delude the populace with the omissions and fabrications.

Don't like that? Then go on back to the Leftist Pravdas, and feelings installers.

Jack said...

Stan said: "I observed the title and did not read the content, which I assumed supported the title claim."
You lost all credibility. You proved that you are willing to post a link to an article JUST BECAUSE OF THE TITLE. That is the definition of being extremely biased, to the point of not even bothering whether the article actually has fact, let alone anything in it.

Stan said: "You are a denialist for any facts which fall outside of the Leftist Narrative (Muslims are GUUD, and gays and women and Christians and Jews are officially under the bus)."
Did I say that? No! You are the one in fantasy land. Not being able to process fact nor use reasoning to arrive at a rational nuanced position. You just use your gut emotions to find articles with the right title apparently.
I don't think Muslims are all great, definitely not. Islam is the religion with the biggest problems right now. It generates by far the most terrorist extremists.
That does not make your own extreme views accurate and well supported!

Stan said: "And Newsweek is not a right wing source. So you are wrong there, too. "
Did I say it was right-wing? No. Go read again. And read the article too; it explains that the alt-right news sources are the ones who use the term no-go zone, only them.

Stan said: "Don't like that? Then go on back to the Leftist Pravdas, and feelings installers."
Oh no, your feelings are hurt? You did not like to get exposed?
You have a total lack of self-awareness.

Stan said...

I freely admitted my error. You did not admit to yours. If that is how you determine credibility, so be it. These instances were taken to show how few MSM even address the problem in Sweden. That some of them weren't even Leftist, even though that's all my search turned up in the most visited category (top pages in the search) is a clear determinant of the faulty Leftist coverage of a serious issue: I actually found just the one: Newsweek.

So you are still not answering why Newsweek (certainly not right wing) gave the official police stats as well as the nomenclature preference of the police. The police are using a more politically benign form of the term, No Go, a term which has been used in many Euro-slums for several years. So. You are not addressing the original issue: Muslim dominated areas which are too violent for non-Muslims to enter without considerable risk.

Rather, you think you found a defect in my comment which you can hammer on as indicative of something which it is not - and you do it to deflect from the original issue, which you cannot successfully deny even though you try sooo hard not to address. Why do you deny through deflection? The evidence is obviously against you. Let me refresh the issue here:

There are zones in Sweden into which ordinary people should not go because they are dangerous. Those zones are described by multiple non-Leftist information sources, but are ignored by Leftist media except for Newsweek, which described them in considerable detail. So there are these two issues: 1) such zones exist, whatever name you wish to give them; 2) The alleged right wing is much better at illuminating ALL the issues while the Leftist media - except Newsweek - ignores these issues which are negative to their Victimhood Classes.

It is easily observed that the Leftist designated Victimhood Classes are also designated as unable to be anything but morally pristine and intellectually perfect according to the (obvious) Leftist narrative based in Marxist three-class revolutionary dogma.

Further, Leftist denial of issues illuminated by non-Leftist information gatherers commonly results in the subsequent substantiation of those issues with time... thereby embarrassing Leftists, at least those who can be embarrassed (very few, due to the Alinsky principles and Atheist non-morality basis of Leftism).

Lots to discuss here, but honesty is a prerequisite.

Stan said...

Breitbart today:
Number of ‘Asylum Seeker’ War Criminals Discovered in Sweden Doubles in Two Years

Known war criminals in Sweden:
"...21 in 2015, 41 in 2016, and 52 last year, Svenska Dagbladet reports. Reports of suspected war crimes from other sources have also increased from 42 in 2015 to 79 in 2017."

And this:
"“There is an international duty to act on these crimes,” [Swedish Prosecutor] Attorps said, and added: “Sweden should not be a safe haven for war criminals.”

Sweden has also noted a rise in violent Islamic extremists since the height of the migrant crisis in 2015. The Swedish security agency Säpo claimed last summer that there were 2,000 violent Islamic extremists in Sweden in 2017, compared to only 200 in 2010."

Steven Satak said...

I have found Newsweek to be a tireless source of smear as regards the President. Their lockstep stories concerning the majority of the Leftist Narrative - AGW, feminism, Trump!, and the usual Leftist shenanigans - pretty much puts them in the category of 'not going to get the truth if it doesn't serve their Narrative'.

I think that whatever is going on in Sweden, it is in accordance with the people's elected representatives. They asked for it to happen, they knew what the consequences were, they knew the price to be paid.

They did it anyway. The lies to their own people and the world about the truth of the situation, the repeated refusal to deal directly with the most obviously violent acts... if this is an example of the Left's Will to Power, it is nihilist and suicidal in the extreme. But honestly, this is the price you pay when you not only let your guard down, but listen to the whispers of the Deceiver and invite your own doom. This is the pattern the 20th Century took. Why do we think it will be any different this time?

The Swedish culture itself has, at least on the national level, gradually lost the will to live. The jackals know this and are closing in for the kill. However... while they will certainly enjoy some initial success, this IS the land that birthed the Vikings. This will not be the first time blood has flowed in Swedish streams, and not the first time human lives have been culled (like sheep!) to leave the strongest standing.

Call it what you will. To The next few years will show whether I was correct. Whatever happens in Sweden, it will be an object lesson for us all. Some of us will continue spouting the Party line. Others will take note and prepare accordingly.

Finally, to encourage something so obviously anathema to the Swedish culture grow up and take root in their own country smells strongly of encouraging a crisis. And is the Left ready to step in and save everyone - if only they'll give up their freedoms?

We'll see

Jack said...

You're not honest. Hence, nothing to discuss with you.

Jack said...

Dear Stan,

If honesty is a prerequisite, you need to take a good look in the mirror. You say that you admit to your mistake, but that is simply no enough, at least not for me. You posted an article because of its title, and only because of its title. It's not just a mistake; it's a mindset. It proves beyond doubt that this is how you operate. You're someone who looks for articles that confirm his point of view and does not even bother looking into the details.

Again, you are very emotional and have a total lack of self-awareness. I cannot help you with that, so I am out.


Stan said...

Go judge someone else, hypocrite. You refuse to admit to your own errors, and refuse to accept the admission of others. You refuse to address the issues at hand, and you parade around as a puffed-up, pompous moralist who gives himself the arrogant right to judge, and who pronounces judgment - not the facts given on the actual subject - but judging non-measurable traits which you, personally decide to be moral failure.

You have been defeated factually, so you assert your own presupposed perfection and superiority to draw attention away from your defeat.

This is the failure of the Left, and you are a perfect example. You came here to find a defect to condemn, you did find a defect, and you jumped to total condemnation as if you are a moral arbiter in your own mind. Your own inability to discuss the topics at hand demonstrates your actual purpose for being here: not to have a conversation but rather to condemn.

Your lack of depth pegs you as an arrogant simpleton SJW rather than an intellect or moral icon. So that merits the necessary rejoinder to you: Screw yourself, moral and intellectual punk. Oh and don't come back.

Stan said...

And Hugo, BTW: your sign-off betrays your identity.

I repeat: go screw yourself.

Steven Satak said...

Hahaha! It WAS Hugo! With an ego so YUGE that he simply could NOT refrain from tipping his hand, letting us know who he *really* was.

And what was his purpose here this time?

Why, the same as every time. Engage in a little pseudo-intellectual shenanigans, then accuse, then argue, then insult - all the while feeding his spiritual pride, his ego. And back and forth Stan and Hugo go. Stan assumes the best of his opponent and gives him every chance to man up and at least be honest.

Hugo (aka 'Jack') uses this opportunity to accuse some more, insult and generally foam at the mouth. I think Hugo has Daddy issues. Seriously.

And finally, 'Jack' declares victory by declaring he's much too good to associate with liars and waddles off into the sunset.

Until next time.

The guy is like a lot of people I see on the internet these days - an ego-driven lunatic whose first mental aberration is that he thinks it's everyone else who's crazy.

Thanks for sticking with this clown as long as you did, Stan. Try not to let his uselessness get under your skin. You can always block his ISP.