Tuesday, March 27, 2018

A Few Differing Takes on Gun Control

1. NYT: It's not the NRA, it's the 2nd Amendment that is the problem:
Repeal the Second Amendment

Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens: ‘Repeal the Second Amendment’

2. Gandhi:

3. Not "My Cold Dead Hands":
No. Their Cold Dead Hands. by Bill Buppert

4. Child Play:

5. Commie Chick With Cuba Flag Patch:

6. Gun Control (Don't Get Anything On Your Uniform...)

7. First They Were "Deplorables", Then They Were Disarmed.

8. Po' Boy:

9. Not EVEN Guns:

10. Kamala, Running For "More Moral Leftist Than Anyone":
Kamala Harris: March for Our Lives Like Civil Rights Movement

11. Still Has a Gun:
Woman Opens Fire After Masked Armed Men Jump Her

12. It's OK, he's a Leftist:
Rapper Who Performed at Gun Control March Arrested Last Year on Concealed Handgun Charge

13. Ban Everything:
Wasserman Schultz wants background checks for ammunition buyers

1 comment:

Steven Satak said...

Um, that dude in #3 is a flarking nutjob. I read, or tried to read, his screed. I came away with 'tear it all down, fuck everyone!'

I think I will disregard that entry. Damn, Stan, if that guy is anything but a raving anarchist, I'm the next contestant on 'The Price is Right'.