Saturday, March 17, 2018

Academic Quackery Bubble Pops... At Least One Does

Academics reeling as market discipline comes to the University of Wisconsin
Very interesting, RTWT.

I'm hoping that this spreads rapidly.


EdRichards said...

“As result [of infestation by leftist ideologies], enrollment in politicized humanities and social sciences departments has fallen.”

I’m not disputing either that many of these programs *are* infested with leftist ideology or that enrollment has declined, but the article provides no evidence specifically linking the latter to the former. I’m wondering if there is data laying responsibility at the leftists’ door rather than just a general trend to focus on more career-oriented majors.

Literature, art, philosophy, sociology, et al., I can easily imagine overrun with SJW-types. It’s a bit harder for me to see how one could shoehorn political ideology into, say, a class on Spanish noun declensions.

Stan said...

Well, it did say "politicized", so it's easy to presume that Spanish detail classes might not be politicized - unless run by SJW language police who object to the two genders used by romance languages.