Saturday, March 24, 2018

California Watch: Note to Homeless - Head to LA and Get a House... or Something

LA Considers Ambitious Proposal To Provide Housing For Every Homeless Person

Seattle and Vagrancy
(Woodpile Report):
Cities produce little that is useful and consume most of what is. They're reservations for the mildly but progressively insane, each day a little more freakish, a little more perverted. They measure success not by who has the most but by who wastes the most. They're wholly dependent on the despised normals outside their precincts for everything that sustains life, and certain of delivery by way of imagined entitlement. The jungles of Mexico are full of such places.

Cities are fragile, populated with hostages debilitated by fear, without useful resiliance or independent resourcefulness. Cities would be uninhabitable within days of a power failure . As it is, they're paralyzed by persistent but otherwise insignificant attacks . Such cities are beyond fixing, yet by weight of numbers they force the Deplorables to comply with their bizarre delusions. It becomes clearer by the day what this means.

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