Thursday, March 8, 2018

Simplifying the Obama Racial Quota For Criminal Non-White Juveniles

Either: Liberals truly believe that all races commit crimes at exactly the same level, frequency and intensity;

OR they are willing to have people die for their political agenda.
Broward County was the poster-child for putting racial caps on capture and prosecution of criminal minority children. For which they received both government CASH and nation-wide accolades for having reduced their arrest data for minorities.

Here's a suggestion: why not just never, ever interfere with any minority juvenile criminal? That would prove that minorities are perfect (no criminal records) and that whites have criminal kids. That's no more absurd than what was actually done.

The bleating of the Left regarding "blood on the hands of the NRA and gun owners", is a shrieking Red Herring attempting to divert the blame from its actual source: The LEFT. The Left set this up, infested the Broward County Sheriffs Department, purposefully ignored Cruz, allowed the massacre to proceed even while it was happening.

The Left doesn't care about who gets killed, say in gun-walking to Mexican cartel butchers, or killing of US Law Enforcement agents by those guns, or who/why was Seth Rich assassinated, or why no help was allowed to go to Benghazi, terror killings by Muslims, etc. The Left cares deeply about disarming everyone who disagrees with their objective of forced world-unity under the Leftist Utopia.

While not pursuing minority criminal juveniles, the Left balloons the definition of violence for whites, including aggressions that only they can see, privilege that their Affirmative Action can't possibly overcome, skin tones that cause "discomfort", intellectual concepts which cannot be allowed, Empirical inquiries which cannot be allowed and if actually completed, certainly not communicated, because all of these and more are white violence against the Victimhood Classes. (One also may not look at, or look away from a minority person who is approaching, have any semblance of cultural appropriation including forbidden clothing and hair styling, nor post Christian verse on bulletin boards, nor attend certain meetings, nor try to speak to a minority individual without permission.)

One might conclude that the combination of the war on whites with the invasion of non-whites might have a component of engineered racial mongrelization of the populations of Europe and North America. It is now common to attack "Western Civilization" as some sort of white violence upon the rest of the world. And a single, malleable race seems to be necessary for the final Utopia, given the failure of multicultural non-assimilation.

So combining hatred of whites, engineered racial mongrelization, and proposed destruction of Western Civilization, we come to a realization of a war for survival of whites (and Western Civilization). A literal war. The Left will not compromise and thus steeps in a "take no prisoners" mindset. It is now obvious that their hate for whites knows no bounds.

Join the culture war. When that fails, you have your AR and ammo, right? Right? BTW... get enough ARs now, before they are banned. And ammo, of course. And think about having some AKs, because those are the third world choice for warfare and there are lots of them.

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