Tuesday, March 13, 2018

University to host ‘It’s OK to be (Against) White(ness)’ event

full title of “It’s OK to be (Against) White(ness): Racial injustice in a time of racist entrenchment,” at Trent University in Ontario
...the gathering is about “diversity, inclusion and conversations about how we can all work together to help achieve racial justice.”
Yes indeed, that's how to get to "racial justice": by ginning up racist hatred against "whiteness" as "racist entrenchment".

In fact, such "gatherings" are admissions that no matter how much Affirmative Action and racial boosting these sectors of minorities receive, they are not happy until they can gather to rant their own racist hatred (Against) white(ness), as the scape-goat for their own non-achievements.

They do not hate racism; they revel in it. It is their tool for avoiding personal responsibility and passing blame.

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