Saturday, March 10, 2018

WaPo Disses Ellison?

WaPo Awards Keith Ellison ‘Four Pinocchios’ for Lies About Farrakhan Contacts

The facts are this: On at least three occasions since 2006, including as recently as a private meeting with Farrakhan in 2016, Ellison has “crossed paths” with Farrakhan — once at an event at an Islamic Center in Virginia, once at a dinner for Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in 2013, and that private meeting in 2016.

Also attending the private meeting was Rep. André Carson (D-IN). Carson and Ellison are both practicing Muslims.

It is rare for Kessler and the Washington Post to go after a Democrat in this way, much less a sacred cow like Ellison who checks off four important boxes that usually results in the media protecting him at all costs. Ellison is a 1) a Democrat; 2) black; 3) a Muslim; 4) vice chair of the DNC.

What the disgraced Washington Post fact-checkers usually do to protect Democrats in these circumstances is either flat-out lie, as they did to protect Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton from the fact they are both in favor of gun confiscation or wait for a Republican to “overreach” in their criticism of the Democrat; that way, the fact check smears the Republican as the liar while avoiding what would be a damaging fact check of the Democrat’s lies. Here is a perfect example of that.

For the most part, the American people are fully aware of the well-documented dishonesty of the media’s phony fact checkers. At this point in our political discourse, these so-called fact-checkers have rendered themselves completely irrelevant. We do not trust them, nor should we.

Leftists do frequently "eat their own", generally when one of them violates a sacred Leftist Principle of the day. This attack by WaPo could have been scrubbed and memory-holed, but wasn't. Given that the Left is not that fond of Israel, Jews, and supports BDS, to marginalize a Leftist antisemitic seems contra-indicated. Perhaps Ellison is now passe' and on his way out.

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