Sunday, April 15, 2018

Alternate Account

I'm back... I think

My blogging rights were removed by Google for reasons only they know. Now they have relented for reasons only they know.

I have set up an alternative account HERE

If I disappear again, go to that site.


Steven Satak said...

Good to see you back, Stan. I was hoping this 'release' would happen.

Apparently you have been warned by Google that your opinions will be tolerated so long as they please, under conditions which they will never list, and if they do list them, will consist mostly of weasel words which can be interpreted as anything that anyone at Google wants them to mean.

I mean, how can you find out who pressed the button to cut you off? You can't, and so like with all bureaucracies, there is no accountability.

Watch the words you use in your headlines, is my advice. The words 'evil', 'kill them all' and 'gun' probably flagged you with some software algorithm, because if the Left is anything, they are lazy and let their devices do their work for them as much as they can.

Stan said...

Thanks, and interesting advice. It's hard not to be controversial when one is attacking one's host and compadres. I suspect that I will have to become conversant in wordpress (it's user interface is much less obvious to the casual user).

But I hate to lose the decade of history contained in the log of posts. Vox archived his, I need to archive mine as well.

Stan said...

Har! Now I have to moderate my OWN comments....