Friday, April 20, 2018

Dems File Suit Alleging Russia-Trump-Wikleaks Done Did Sumpin' Horrible

The Other stupid party:
Dems file suit alleging Russia, Trump, WikiLeaks conspired to interfere in 2016 campaign
Nevermind that the actual evidence points directly at the DNC/Hillary/FBI/CIA/DOJ.

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Steven Satak said...

Yeah, Hannity has really gotten under their skin.

They just keep doubling down on the stupid. It's like they believe the longer they shriek about That Awful Man, no matter how obvious the lies, the more likely it is people will magically remove him from office.

I see this already in the comments section of the Yahoo articles that purport to reveal some sinister connection between a journalist who claims Trump lied to him about his income... thirty five years ago. You should see the various one-nym commenters carrying on about their fantasies of impeachment.

"I believe in Mueller" is the one that sums up their willful delusions. And the sorry thing about it is, there is nothing behind their irrational carrying-on but hatred and the lust for power. We have an old hippy at work who shifts from bragging about his $70,000 pickup truck to villifying the President and cursing at the 'country-club republican fat cats' without a pause and without the slightest sense of irony.

It's because he's a member of the Elite in his own mind, and you can tell by listening to the contempt in his voice that he considers anyone who disagrees with him to be too, too stupid and ridiculous to engage.

Unless he wants to start ranting, of course. I don't engage him anymore because he is fundamentally irrational. He stalked off the last time we talked about something the President planned, having gotten in the last word, and now will not talk to me at all. I don't need this guy making trouble for me at work, so I am happy with that.

If you knew what he did for a living you would shake your head. But there is a difference between mental aberration and spiritual corruption. Ego forces out reason. He will pay the price eventually.