Saturday, April 28, 2018

Natural Progression of Merkel's Europe


World of Facts said...

Hey Stan, good to see you're back. Took me forever to find time to reply back to our last exchange, or even just read this blog, and noticed there was this big unusual gap... anyway, I'll go back there eventually.

In the meantime, given you mentioned facts, I wonder why you post a joke that is not based in facts but only on xenophobia... here's why:

World of Facts said...

Ya Sharia is awful obviously, Liberals agree with you, and yes the far Left is also problematic.
But the title of your post is "Natural Progression of Merkel's Europe". The stats I linked to are about Germany.
Why ignore that?
Also, I am not calling you xenophobic; the cartoon is as it's based on an irrational fear of strangers taking over, as early as in 10-20 years.