Saturday, May 19, 2018

In Virtually Every Case

When the Leftist Pervs in the Uber-Moral Leftist organizations - from Hollywood, to media, to Leftist sycophant organizatons - were busted, there was this common refrain:
Everyone knew.
As Glenn Reynolds observes,
It was fine when they knew. It only became a problem when we did.
And the Leftist reaction was to feign even more Uber-Morality, despite their own culpability in supporting the sex offenses of the Leftist pervs, even to the point of defending the pervs for their "feminist activism" in certain cases.

Anyone with actual moral sensibilities would be as offended by those who "knew" yet did nothing until they were caught doing nothing.

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Steven Satak said...

This curious double-standard is the hallmark of the elites, who more or less have no trouble believing 9 impossible things - and holding them in their heads with no apparent dissonance - to the amazement of the rest of us.

They can do this, and function from day to day without pushing a shopping cart and mumbling, because they make two important *internal* distinctions with these things. The self-contradictory things only contradict when confronted by logic and universal application. However...

If these 9 impossible things are not maintained as logical arguments, but rather as emotional beliefs, then any number of them can be held in the same head with no qualms.

Furthermore, if they are applied selectively to one's own group OR to the Others, again, there is no contradiction. It is only when the rest of us point out the hypocrisy of the double-standard that problems arise - because we have the power to force the Left to look at itself. If only for a few moments.

The Left, for all its narcissism, never actually gets around to looking into anything but funhouse mirrors that reflect what they *want* to see. This is why they try ever so hard to modify reality. Sometimes their efforts to shut the rest of us up advances to the extreme, and you get your purges and killing fields. The internal change is due to spiritual pride, which will destroy human reason in the end. A Leftist goes down in flames not because he cannot see a particular danger, but because, due to his pride, he has chosen not to look.

None of this is new. None of this has never been done before. This is an old, old story, and it is important to realize, then understand, that because it is so old, it gives a clue.

The Left hates Christianity, not because it is a competing religion, although that is part of it. The Left does not hate Christianity because it is false, though Atheo-Leftists will certainly claim this is so.

The Left hates Christ and his followers because they represent emeth, or Truth, the objective Truth, which lies at the foundation of everyone's existance, even the Leftist's. But most of all they hate Christianity because it follows One who IS Love and thus, is opposed to everything the Leftist is, does and believes.

Not hard to understand that.

What the Left does not understand is that with all this craziness, they are cutting their own throats. The fate of nations, states, institutions of any kind, are almost beside the point. The issue comes down to that of a human soul and the choices it makes. Yours, mine, even the despised Leftist. We forget that this is what really matters, because we are caught up in the great temptations of this world to regard what happens here as THE most important thing.

The Left believes it, certainly. You can see what it has done - IS doing - to them. The double-standard is only a symptom.