Sunday, May 20, 2018

It's Always the Mainstream Media Antisemitism/Pro-Islam at Work


Danny said...

Israel cannot even defend herself without the media going all swivel-eyed. Any other country would be well within its rights to defend itself in the face of such a threat to its borders and citizens, yet the utterly inept mainstream media can only resort to fallacies such as the 'disproportionate death count' nonsense, as though being efficient in self-defense is unacceptable unless you are prepared to suffer a 'proportionate' amount of casualties.

Astonishing and utterly absurd.

Steven Satak said...

They've survived three attempts in the past by their 'neighbors' to erase them from the earth. Not only survived, but prospered. And the people who tried their best to kill them? Are now bitching because they lost their own land when they had expected to take that of the Israelis.

We have 'conservative' talk show hosts like Michael Savage who are slowly losing their grip on reality, gabbling on about a 'two-state solution'. The guy has a few good ideas under his belt, but his ego has just taken over. I just want to reach through the radio and backhand that ignorant fucker. First and foremost, you can't arrive at a two-state solution when your 'partner' is dedicated to destroying you and will not cooperate or meet in the middle in any way. It isn't going to happen. It takes two to tango, and the Palestinians have made it clear that every compromise for Israel is going to be the new launch point of attack by the Palestinians.

Israel is not going to commit suicide, no matter what the Left OR Michael Savage says. I support Israel completely.