Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Legalize Pot as Reparation to Blacks.

Cannabis Industry Could Be 'A Form Of Reparations,' Says Cynthia Nixon

“It’s a racial justice issue because we’re incarcerating people of color in such staggering numbers,” she said.
So it's racist to expect blacks to obey the Law. Certainly that is the message that came out of Baltimore, when the city let the blacks run with no policing. Laws are merely racist controls on black behavior, and that behavior is their culture. Following their own culture is supposed to be part of the multi-culti, non-assimilation, Leftist narrative. If so it would be natural to have a separate set of laws for blacks - legalizing all aspects of their culture.

But their ghetto culture is racist, tribal, violent, anarchic, blame-shifting and government supported by the US Federal and state government. That makes them parasitic, without limits or controls. It's the Democrat Plantation, where votes are bought with the passivity of the black community. Legal grass ought to pacify them, right? And call it reparation.

It's just another path to inevitable war and destruction wrought by Leftism.


World of Facts said...

From the same article:

"Recent data from the NYPD revealed that black and brown people were nearly 10 times more likely to be arrested for pot possession last year, despite that white people are just as likely to use marijuana. People of color made up 86% of all marijuana arrests in 2017."

That's the real problem.

Stan said...

If that really were the case, then there should be irrefutable data on how many whites were caught/released on marijuana charges. I suspect that white communities are not policed the same as minority communities due to the crime statistics of the latter.

The observation remains: in certain minority cultures, local behaviors include acts that are illegal per white man's laws (western civilization). Hence the growing attacks on "whiteness".

World of Facts said...

There is irrefutable data. The article links to the facts. Why are you ignoring them?