Friday, May 4, 2018

The New Girly-Boy Scouts Still Need Some More Woke

Bigoted Boy Scouts Welcome Girls But Still Exclude All 49,247 Other Genders


World of Facts said...

Haha that site is amazing. I'm surprised you quote it though as it laughs at exaggerated stereotypes from both the Left and the Right.
I.e., it laughs at how you often portrait the political spectrum with your insistence that we're either Right-wing intelligent constitution lovers, or Leftist evil authoritarians...
Anwyay, thanks for making me discover a new site!

Stan said...

Obviously you didn't read the same article which was referenced - pure anti-Leftist satire.

Or, might be a problem you have, misinterpretation? Directed misinterpretation from a perspective of "no truth (or Truth) so words can mean anything"?

I dunno, but the characterization definitely was NOT directed at the Constitution or objective truth.

World of Facts said...

I did read it, and thought it was a funny satirical article indeed. So I was curious to read the rest of the site; I thought it might be like The Onion, but from the Right. Turns out it's a site that likes to poke fun at every side it seems, especially at the extreme of each side. And that's why I say it laughs at people like you, I am sorry to say... because you are part of one of these extremes.