Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Adios, Reynold

In my last response to Reynold I demonstrated conclusively two major things:
1. That Reynold’s basis for condemning my character was absolutely false, and that what he called lies were in fact falsehoods which he fabricated about me.

2. That Reynold refuses to address the basic issue of Theism which has been presented to him multiple times.
In his response to this, Reynold refuses to accept any responsibility for his false personal attacks, and refuses to accept that any basis for Theism has even been presented, which is his latest and most transparent dodge of his intellectual responsibility to reply to the concept given him.

I conclude this: Reynold is merely an internet thug, a keyboard hoodlum and nothing more. He is intellectually and morally irresponsible.

The “debate” – such as it was - is over.


Reynold said...

Good riddance hypocrite.

Steven Satak said...

Hypocrite indeed. Coming from one who practically haunts the Atheist sites, that's almost an accolade.

I posit: you have no life outside the chat rooms - the time you spend and the language you use suggest you spend at least four to six hours each day on the internet doing nothing but practice pseudo-intellectual trolling.

You appear to be increasingly disconnected from what is actually being discussed, and I suspect you could not focus if you tried. Not anymore. Your ego has finally begun eating away at your reason. Why else engage in such pointless antics unless, indeed, you are simply feeding your ego?

Good riddance to you, as well. I am sure Stan has more pressing business.


Reynold said...

Steve, you do seem rather sodding clueless don't you?

Do you have any evidence to back up your claims about how much time I spend on the internet?

Good grief. I don't even have a blog!

I can only assume that you are just blowing smoke out of your ass.

I was doing this to show people what people like Stan are like.

If you want to ascribe motives to me, you can bloody well provide evidence to back those claims up to.

Or, you can stick to making up fantasy fighting machines instead.