Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Atheist Media Outlet

(As if almost all media outlets are not Atheist). There is a new source of indoctrination available to Atheists.
Atheists Launch ‘Godless’ Media Outlet
The picture which accompanies the article shows the focus:

There are several things to notice here:

First, Evolution is a tenet of Atheism; it is being foisted off on toddlers.

Second, evolution is being misrepresented by the long refuted "peppered moth" ploy.

Third, the sidebar is devoted mostly to evolution.

The Humanist is not likely to revisit the Humanist Manifesto I. That's because Humanism is an accumulation of the religiously deluded.


Rikalonius said...

From Greta Christina:

“Coming out is the most powerful act nonbelievers can take!” “It’s personally powerful; it’s politically powerful.” “If you want to help humanism/atheism, if you want to push back against the corrosive influence of religion, if you want to make life better for yourself and other godless people—come out about your godlessness.”

She couldn't be funnier if she was explicitly writing parody, but she's not, and that makes it sad.

Steven Satak said...

That last sidebar item got me wondering - ARE there even any 'creationist textbook writers'? I've never heard of such a thing. A made-up bugaboo?

And of course, the main thrust is to question their sanity, not discuss whether the grounds for their creation viewpoint is verifiably true or false.

This is the internet atheist's equivalent of a Chick Tract. So they've achieved parity in that respect. Which in this case, is not surprising. What's pernicious is that they're supposedly aiming it at toddlers.

What a bunch of crap. What does a toddler care about evolution? What can you teach a two-year old about self-centered narcissim that they do not instinctively already know? That position is the point at which most humans start, sadly, and it is the next four years where we teach them to look outward and to enjoy doing it.

But of course, expecting the atheist - any atheist - to reason this out is wishful thinking. Their reasoning has been corrupted by ego to the point where they think it worthwhile to attempt to propagandize pre-schoolers.

Perhaps that is the only audience they can get to sit still for their nonsense?

Steven Satak said...

Eh, just as I imagined. Another AtheoLeft propaganda organ. I looked. Moral relativism runs rampant over there and they love to quotemine the Bible and throw it in the occasional visiting believer's face as if it proved something.

"If you were a REAL Christian, you would be doing (x) instead of doing what you are doing - which is disagreeing with me. You're evil and so is your non-existent God".

I read some of the articles. The ones that did not just ramble on and on, hopped from one position to another without establishing any grounds for their various statements. I suppose the one thing they all have in common is that most of what they say is based on 'because I said so'.

The self being the only authority they recognize, it is interesting to see what happens in the comments section when they have no believers against which they can unite. They are most discourteous. I imagine this rises from the clash of cults - their own against everyone else's.

But that might be a bit uncharitable. They might just be suffering from The Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory.

Who among us has not fallen prey to that once in a while?

Robert Coble said...

I would disagree that they are suffering from GIFT, for the simple reason that the chain in the theory starts with a "Normal Person." As evidenced by their irrationality, there is nothing "normal" about them.

Exhibit #1:

"You're evil and so is your non-existent God."

How can a non-existent God BE anything?!?

On atheism, objective good and evil do not exist. There are only things that, subjectively, I like and dislike. You (as the Other, of course) MUST accept my subjective choice of "like and dislike" as being definitive and objective - because I wish it to be true, and I am just being rational, logical, scientific, etc.

I predict another conflagration similar to that between the Sunday Assembly and the Godless Revival. Worshipers of the Void have nothing (pun intended) to ground a common positive philosophy.

As for aiming it at toddlers: Given the arrested state of development of the atheist logical capacities, I'd say that's an appropriate target audience. It seems to be at the right level, based on the comments from atheists I've seen here.

Rikalonius said...

Steven said:
What a bunch of crap. What does a toddler care about evolution? What can you teach a two-year old about self-centered narcissim that they do not instinctively already know?

This goes along with what Stan has said before. The theory of evolution makes no contribution to the study of biology, and therefor is of no educational value to any child, let alone a toddler. As you rightly say, it is about propaganda, not education.

It's sad how so many people clamor for acceptance of cultural diversity, which we know is a fallacious argument, but then demand hegemony when it comes to their special doctrines.

atheistcrimes said...

I wonder what happened to Martin?Since Stan's last "Reply To Martin",he has gone awol.Too bad,I really enjoyed his comments.