Sunday, February 16, 2014

Atheist Monument is Rejected, but Atheists Claim the Win

Atheists have been furiously attacking any remnant of religion which can be found on public grounds. This incident showed that Atheists actually have no principles, in the following sense: If there actually were a set of moral principles, or any set of principles at all reflecting a common belief set for Atheists, the city would have allowed it.

But there is no set of principles which describe Atheist morals.

I thought, based on the headline, that the Atheists were allowed to put up a blank stone, or even no stone, only a sign pointing to the void of Atheist principles.

But that’s not what the Atheist “win” actually was. It was just a “see how evil they are – see, we win”, self-congratulation on a pretend win.

I once read about a surgeon who, when making a surgical error, always said, “There!” as if that’s what he intended, and then proceeded to fix it and move on.

A pretend victory is a loss, accompanied by illusion, or in this case delusion.

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Steven Satak said...

As with AGW and evolution, atheists and the Left ALWAYS claim the win no matter what the outcome.

When your standards are defined as "whatever I happen to be doing", how can you NOT claim the win? The 'win' is whatever you say it is right now.