Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Clinton War on Women

The Left must be fought by rubbing their noses in their own effluent, a task that mainline Republicans are not up to.
The Clintons are our national grotesques. At the height of the Lewinsky scandal, President Clinton, who had immovable support among black voters, began using black leaders as the political equivalent of human shields — Jesse Jackson and the Congressional Black Caucus prominent among them — while his minions smeared prosecutor Ken Starr, characterizing him as a racist, a sex fanatic, and a monomaniac. President Clinton strutted into church waving a Bible the size of a telephone directory while Democrats painted his critics as the second coming of Roger Chillingworth, if not Padre Torquemada.
Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton, after bitterly dismissing the cookie-baking, “Stand by Your Man” model of wifehood, did precisely that. (The chocolate-chip-cookie recipe she shared with Good Housekeeping was excellent; Bill would later plagiarize a cookie recipe for a cook-off against Cindy McCain and Michelle Obama.) After being humiliated by her husband, she apparently grew accustomed to humiliation: How else to explain such performances as her remarkable Stepin Fetchit impersonation — “Ah don’ feel no-waze tah-red” — for the benefit of the First Baptist Church in Selma, Ala.?

Mrs. Clinton, an inevitable candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016, can be counted upon to use the Democrats’ “war on women” rhetoric to advance her cause, even though she was, according to the papers of a woman she described as her “best friend,” a main enabler of a very nasty campaign against a great many politically inconvenient women — not only Miss Lewinsky and those who endured Senator Packwood’s attentions, but all the women whom the Arkansas political mafia, commanded so ably by James Carville, portrayed as “sluts,” “trailer trash,” etc. President Clinton used women for his own ends; so does his wife.
Slanderous users, in pursuit of Leftist power, while getting a little on the side.


Robert Coble said...

The Clintons (both of them) are perfect examples of the AtheoLeftist lust for power at all costs, by any means available. The usual assumption is that Hillary is (somehow) "victimized" by Bill; not so. Both are cold, calculating political animals, with no compunction about using power to further their own aggrandizement.

If you think Barack Obama is bad for this country, wait until Hillary becomes President in 2016. (It's HER turn, after all.) Obama may pass on the "opportunity" to declare a state of national emergency suspending elections and requiring him to remain in office. Hillary would never pass up that opportunity, if presented with it.

Steven Satak said...

I notice the Left has been steadily and (they think) stealthily re-branding Bill Clinton as a lovable rogue/elder statesman. Perhaps they think that will temper Hillary's image as a 'magnificent bastard'. My, the spin doctors will be busy in the next year or so.

I wonder how often they will have to sweep Benghazi under the carpet before it finally dies? Or will they label anyone who brings that up as a 'Benghazi Truther' and suggest they are crazy?