Sunday, August 17, 2014

Dawkins: Being A Religious Moderate "Enables" Religious Extremists

Richard Dawkins is going through a phase during which even many of his fans now reject his craziness. His tweets regarding bad date rape and worse date rape are an indication of having jumped the shark. Now he has exposed Atheism's soft underbelly by his claim that,
"...there is a sense in which the moderate, nice religious people — nice Christians, nice Muslims — make the world safe for extremists.”

Dawkins went on to say that moderate religious people who are kind create the notion that “there’s something good about religion” and that there are benefits to bringing children up to embrace theological ideals. He such such a notion leads people to believe in something without having evidence or the need to offer justification."
Sensible Atheists will understand immediately the implication of this: if that is true for the religious, the the connection also exists between "nice Atheists" and the brutal Atheist regimes which murdered hundreds of millions of humans, some of which still control huge numbers of enslaved humans under Atheist totalitarianism.

Further, the paradigm fits Atheists far better than it does Christians. Atheists have no common principles of morality; there is no document called Tenets of Atheist Morality. So Atheists have only whatever morality that they choose for themselves, and for many, it is totalitarian control of the Other. That is not the case for Christianity, where the principles are laid out in the red print of the bible. And that is a big difference from either Atheism or from Islam, both of which countenance violence and murder as a means to certain ends (read the First Humanist Manifesto and the Qu'ran for details).

Dawkins, being the numero uno Atheist in the world today, has thus produced a bottomless canyon in the path of any rational seekers who are considering Atheism. Admittedly, rationality is not a major factor in the pursuit of moral freedom, which is the more usual cause for Atheism. But Atheists in general won't be able to answer for Dawkins much longer.


JBsptfn said...

I love how Dawkins lumps Christianity in with Islam when Muslims do wrong, but when Christians have charities, the pricks from the Freedom From Religion foundation try to stop it. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Just thinking about that makes me angrier at atheists.

Rikalonius said...

"damned if you do, damned if you don't."

That pretty much sums up their ideology towards Christianity. Despite their bluster, Christianity makes them feel week and insecure and they must get rid of it. They are only attacking their own consciences.

Phoenix Wolfe said...

Nice,I can finally smuggle this information in.

According to Dawkins,all the nice moderate atheists out there give cover to atheist extremists that have been terrorizing hindus and christians.

Check these articles:
Leading Hindu Professor Murdered by Atheists

Marxists violence and Killing of Hindus in Kerala

Christian Police Officer killed in Campus by Marxist and Hindu students

Indian Marxists murder 11 farmers

Eight Communist Party of India (Marxist) activists have been arrested in connection with the murder of Nazrul Mullah

Police officials and political activists say the main players in this ugly game of finishing off political foes are the leftwing Marxists and rightwing Hindu groups. Many victims are killed in the most gruesome manner, using swords or homemade bombs.

Police officials and political activists say the main players in this ugly game of finishing off political foes are the leftwing Marxists and rightwing Hindu groups. Many victims are killed in the most gruesome manner, using swords or homemade bombs.

Read more at:

Just who are these Indian Marxists? I hear some ask.
Why,they're atheists of course

There is a sub-group of atheists in Kerala who are members of the Communist Party of India (Marxist). There are others who support atheism because of rationalist ideals

Phoenix Wolfe said...

Here's another intersting read for those who wish to deny that Marxists are Atheists;

Why I am an Atheist - Marxists Internet Archive

Brandon Epstein said...

There is no common book called "The Tenets of Atheist Morality" in the same way there is no book called "The Tenets of Theist Morality."

Stan said...

If you are quibbling about the literal statement "book called 'the Tenets of Theist Morality'", then you qualify as a fundamentalist literalist.

One of the interesting things that Atheists are prone to is the precise literal interpretation of the Bible, condemning it for its literal interpretation, all the while condemning Christians for their literal translations.

That is the exact point here. Atheists, who condemn the Other for hypocrisy, cannot themselves be hypocrites because they have no principles of Atheism which they can violate. Everything and anything they do is moral and proper, merely because that is how they define their own morality (usually Consequentialist).

And that seems to apply to you. You want no principles to apply to yourself because you want no consequences. On the other hand you want to condemn other people for violating your set of rules for them, as if your personal opinions should apply to everyone else, but none should apply to you unless you declare it OK first.

That is the basis for Atheist and Leftist hypocrisy.