Sunday, August 17, 2014


I received an inquiry this week from a blog called "Atheist Analysis", wanting to know if I would contribute to their site as one of their bloggers. They wanted a weekly article, promised full access to the blog site and back references to this site. I finally went over and took a look at their site. Wow.

Atheist Analysis is a dumping ground for Atheist hate speech, written in the most hateful and intolerant fashion possible. I can only imagine what they would have tried to do with me. Here's an example which I came across immediately, where "Jordan" explains global warming:
"The conservative U.S. Christian right-wing seem to have no care for conserving anything but their bank balance, if only they followed some of Jesus’ teaching, maybe we would be in a better place, yes I did just write that. Do you think the fictional character who hung out with whores and fed homeless would deny climate science? Don’t be so bloody stupid."
Ah yes. The uber-tolerant Leftist Atheist at work. And here is their mission statement:
...we desire to inspire the next generation of skeptics and freethinkers that will enact policies, laws, and help develop an atmosphere that promotes equality and the embetterment of life. As we grow we will stimulate conversation and help enlighten current and future generations of atheists, agnostics, humanists, feminists, critical thinkers, skeptics, LGTBQ Rights Supporters, and above all activists.
As for enlightening anybody, what they are actually doing is pure hate dumping. And in the process, oozing with self-presumed intellectual and moral superiority which they do not in any manner demonstrate.

Needless to actually say, I declined to be a part of their self-righteous, arrogant, yet juvenile party.


Steven Satak said...

Holy jumpin' cats. Like I said, the internet is the perfect world, where they can say whatever they like and as long as they repeat it, with pictures, it's somehow 'true'.

Looks like this batch of virulent leftists is scraping up everything they can. They've got an apologist working to clear Dawkin's name, and they've got the usual battalion of straw men posted for our reading pleasure.

I lost track of the number of unfounded assumptions, beginning with the titles of most of the 'articles'. Pictures mocking Christ, flippant comments about those crazy right-wing religious people.... yow.

But in the end, it's just another long rant, supposedly a chorus, of rejection and defiance. Like the world doesn't have enough of that emotionally-based crap - we now have another atheist echo chamber to accompany the rest.

You know, the second the atheists took up the banner of AGW, I knew they were fulla shit. It's one thing to disbelieve in a Creator - it shows you can't follow the dots even while you pose as an intellectual. But it's another when you choose to support a political cause that's all about shoving your beliefs up someone's arse, and chortling when they squeal in outrage.

Phoenix Wolfe said...

I don't think they've read any articles on this site.Perhaps you should give them one of your old Free Will articles and see what happens.