Sunday, December 7, 2014

Comedians And Religion


Phoenix said...

John is an awesome comedian.
This just goes to show that Christians can make fun of themselves and oppose extremism within their own religion,and without the help of those potty mouth Atheists.

Atheists love to fool themselves in believing that without them,no one would be able to even recognize inhumane treatment and laws.When the fact of the matter is that Christians were the main instigators of our modern human rights and freedoms.

Thurston said...

thank you for telling me what I love. i didn't even know I loved believing how we are the only ones who can recognize inhumanity. I'm learning so much about my beliefs here!

also... potty mouth... hehe. That makes me smile (not trying to be condescending. It always sounds silly and fun to me).

Stan said...

Well, Thurston, you have not denied it; you have only mocked it. Standard Atheist non-response in the form of an attack without substance.

Stan said...

I should add that the AtheoLeft is the major instigator in the removal of rights for the majority with the excuse of adding rights which were never intended for deviants. The Orwellian claim of rights by the AtheoLeftists are always actually removal of original rights. Abortion removes the right to life; homosexual marriage removes the right to run one's business as one's morality dictates.

If human rights are a moral construct, then removing morality will ultimately remove all rights based in morality. The removal of morality is always the mark of totalitarianism, as totalitarian law (called morality) replaces moral principles.

Thurston said...

The point of my post was not admittance or denial. It was to illustrate how Phoenix was inaccurately generalizing. You can see it as a non-response if you want. You can also see it as an "attack without substance" also. I disagree in that I was using sarcasm to illustrate the false generality. Take it or leave it.