Thursday, December 4, 2014

Losing Respect For the Lower Half of the Black Bell Curve.

The mantra for racist blacks is now this:
"Black Lives Matter!"
It raises the question: how stupid do they think we are? And further: is it that they think we are stupid, or is it that they are stupid? After all, it is patently obvious that THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT BLACK LIVES, themselves. If they cared about black lives, they would be protesting the black-on-black murders which happen EVERY DAY OF EVERY WEEK.

No, they don't care about black lives at all. What they care about is the warmth they feel when they fire up the moral and righteous indignation at whites-in-general. It's the whites that make them do this:
No matter who gets hurt? Of course it's no matter, because it is racist intimidation of whites-in-general, not any particular concern for blacks who own businesses or are collateral damage. And again, it's the whites-in-general that make them do it.

Do they want a conversation? Not one about obeying laws, for certain. Not one about developing character, instead of street creds by the type and number of crimes they commit. Nope. What they want is to blame it all on their persecution by whites in general. That covers all their problems; it explains everything and nothing. It is whites-in-general who make them live in ghettos; whites-in-general who make them do and sell drugs and commit the crimes necessary to keep doing and selling drugs and committing yet more crimes. It is whites-in-general who make their neighborhoods so dangerous that reputable businesses would never think of starting up there. It is whites-in-general who keep them illiterate and speaking ebonics. The list is nearly endless of white crimes against blacks. At least according to the lower half of the black bell curve.

These excuses gain traction with themselves. So they make them into mantras to chant when occasionally a law-breaking black dies during his unlawful disobedience, whether by accident or by self-defense. But the black anarchy in the streets of their plantation ghettos is also always, always the fault of whites-in-general. So by simple extension, black on black murder and black crime is the fault of whites-in-general.

When a sub-population has no self-respect to the point of never taking any responsibility for its own behaviors and blames another entire class of humans for problems which are rightly its own - and just itsr own - there is no reason for anyone else to respect that sub-population either. And that loss of respect is the net result of the clownish demonstrations of the lower half of the black bell curve which we see today. No, they don't care one whit about black lives, and they make that so obvious that no one smarter than a toadstool can miss it.

This could be easily demonstrated: give all dangerous black neighborhoods completely over to the blacks themselves. Let them solve their own problems. This would be an extension of the Blue Model, which is already demonstrated in Detroit, DC, and other black plantations, but perhaps all black neighborhoods should be demarcated as "No Whites Zones", so that the blacks can live just as they want.

That way, no blacks would have to deal with white cops - or any cops at all, because black cops won't want to go in there either. But at least the "student demonstrators" would get the anarchy they want. Let them have it. Then let's evaluate the results.

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Rikalonius said...

As I read the comments in the Blow article I was amazed, though I shouldn't have been, by the colossal ignorance.

One guy asserted, to paraphrase, was that the reason there is a "no snitch rule" in the neighborhood is because they want to protect people from the cops. I wish I could have replied. I would have said how I can't wait to tell my co-worker and good friend tomorrow, who escaped from one of the most crime ridden ghettos in Boston, that the reason "snitches get stitches" is because they want to protect people from the police.

In another example, when I was an instructor at Dam Neck in 2008 I had co-worker/friend who was raised in Chicago. He admitted to me one day over lunch that before he left for the Navy he thought the same thing that many blacks in the ghetto think, that the white man was out to get him. He said my eyes were opened and I realize that white people just didn't care. He told me he goes back from time to time and convince his father, but he is seemingly eternally trapped in the mindset.

The Demonrats and the race-baiters who hijacked the civil rights movement for their own nefarious purposes have done more damage to blacks than whites ever have. Charles blow is completely wrong in his piece when he churches up the Uncle Tom pejorative by indicating that they are members of the aggrieved group who self-flagellate for profit. As if those men and women hadn't just had enough of living in crime ridden neighborhoods and being told that their children need to be sacrificial lambs to further the cause.