Friday, December 5, 2014

Transgender Girl's Sports: A Threat to Lesbians?

High School sports teams are being integrated, with ex-boys playing in girl's sports:
Minnesota Board Forces Girls HS Teams to Include 'Transgenders'

"The state board overseeing high school sports in Minnesota voted overwhelmingly on Thursday to permit male-to-female transgender students to participate in girls sports.

After an aborted attempt earlier this year to institute controversial new "inclusive" rules for transgender players in high school athletics, the Minnesota State High School League voted 18-1 with one abstention to endorse males identifying as females to play girls sports."
The fact that Atheist and Leftist pseudo-morals are full of internal contradictions is about to come into fruition in the field of female sports. I suspect that the feminist (lesbian) outrage will build against transgender incursion into the feminist territories. This should be interesting, a potential turf war between the lesbians and the transgenders. That could split up the LGBT into L...GB...T. But the Messiahs can't have more than one class called "Victims". So the natural splitting of the Victimhood class into Feminist Victims and Tranny Victims would cause further disruptions. Would they need to have separate Messiah Classes for the split up Victims? Will the new Messiah Classes have turf wars too, in defense of the top priority for their own Victimhood Class?

It's already being established that Tranny's can use the girls' restrooms, so it should be no problem for trannys to use the locker rooms and showers, under the same tortured logic. So the Oppressor class will be agitated also, since they subscribe to biological gender separation. Which brings up a natural question:
Are male to female Trannys still rapists?
This could turn into a Survivor type of entertainment, only one that I will actually watch.

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