Friday, January 30, 2015

After Meeting With Obama's Administration, Muslim Brotherhood Calls For Jihad and Martyrdom in Egypt

Prior to meeting with Obama's people, Egyptian Muslims called for the surrender of Christians and the payment of Jizya.

After meeting with Obama's people, Egyptian Muslims have called for Jihad and Martyrdom.

The religion of peace will honor those who die while conquering you. Unless, of course, you submit completely and pay them off so that they don't kill you right away.

Anyone who denies the premises of Islamic conquest by force is either a liar or is so self-deluded as not to be able to hold a rational conversation about the subject.


Steven Satak said...

Like I've written in the past, Obama and his crew seem to sit down and formulate the solution to a problem most beneficial to America and its citizens...

And then do the exact opposite.

It never fails!

Phoenix said...


Good one