Sunday, January 18, 2015

Bill Mahr Demonstrates His Love of Free Speech

Here's Maher on the Pope:
"Real Time host Bill Maher blasted Pope Francis on Friday for discouraging ridicule of religion following the attacks in Paris on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

“He’s dead to me now. Oh yeah, fuck the pope,” Maher said during the opening monologue of his show. “Well, George Bush said it: you’re either with us or against us. Apparently the pope is not with us because he came down on the side of the bad guys.”
In no uncertain terms, your either WITH Maher or you're AGAINST Maher. Because Maher is either WITH what you say, or he's AGAINST you as a living human being. It's a Lefty trait to NOT be tolerant of free speech. Even while claiming that it's in defense of free speech. Internal contradiction is no barrier for the Left.

I do think the pope jumped the shark with his comment. But I also think he was free to say what he thought. That's where Maher demonstrates his own violation of tolerance for free speech. So I disagree with both the pope and Maher, but I don't deny their rights.


cameron O said...

One has not seen true arrogance until one has seen Bill Mahr.

The man quite possibly meets every stereotype that can be described about Atheist/ leftist individuals one would find within this blog site; which is unfortunate, considering the number of people he has eating out of his hand, most of whom are fairly young.

Naturally I don't have anything good to say about him (AT ALL), but rather than degrade what this site stands for by resorting to name calling I'll keep my mouth shut.

On a side note, today I ran into a forum thread posted in a site I occasionally visit for entertainment. The title is:
" Which is more of a threat to America, Radical Muslims or Radical Christians?"

(Link if interested)

The people on that site are not typically "Christian friendly" but surprisingly enough the comments thus far show that people are currently more worried about Islam. This is from a site that often times exudes pro Islamic sentiment while bashing Jews and Christians with little or no restraint (as is typical these days).

My recent concern has been that all the violence committed in the name of Islam, will somehow be falsely associated with Christianity as well. The way I see it, certain people, (specifically those most commonly referred to on this blog site), are looking to point fingers at religion universally as the cause of all things evil in the world. While they have been doing this for years, I'm starting to feel a shift; however I'm not sure if anyone else feels it.

Ultimately, as has been demonstrated time and time again, the Atheist / leftist (Neo Liberal) will only love and be friendly to Islam until they are tired of it or until it bites them on the hand; at which time they will undoubtedly toss out and replace it with a new pet project which is more easily subjugated to their kind of "moral" code.

PS: Apologies, for posting links to other sites, please remove if in violation of terms and conditions.

Rikalonius said...

I'm still amazes me the amount of articles I read, or talking heads I hear, that can't help but draw some mythical parallel between Christianity and Islam. In the name of not stereotyping Islam, they immediately project their anger into stereotype Christian straw man.

The worst of them seems to be Rosie O-Dumbbell. She regularly deflects from Islam by attempting to point to radical Christians. In Oct she drools like a sycophant in praising Ben Affleck for "standing up" to Bill Maher when he dared to point out the obvious about Islam. Just after Charie Hedbo she was at it again. She claims that "fundamentalism" is the problem, but while any violence by Islam is isolated, no violence from Christianity equals equivalency by all of Christianity with the "radicals" of Islam. I seriously don't understand how someone could be that thick, but deep-seated is her own psychosis concerning Christianity that it blinds her to reality.

cameron O said...

To the Atheist /leftist, ( the two of which "could" be mutually exclusive) see things in a manner that is beyond irrational. Seems that everything requires a knee jerk reaction formed from what I can only describe as emotional insecurity, or some type of personality disorder.

(Bless their heart)**

For them 2+2= 8 because why not? After all from what I can see, they know better than everyone else, and shouldn't allow the troglodytes such as myself with my bronze age superstitions as well as anyone who disagrees with them to form decisions on their own.

The conclusion for them is that, religion in total (but mostly Christianity and Judaism) somehow equates to mass genocide if action is not taken to "reeducate" then eradicate religion as a whole. How this eradication may occur is anyone's guess, but if history has taught us anything..............

There is nothing I can say that hasn't already been said far more succinctly within this blog site.

The Atheist / leftist claims tolerance, while being and promoting intolerance.

The Atheist / leftist claims to be non-prejudicial, while being the most prejudiced group I have had the sincere misfortune to come across.

The Atheist / leftist claims it is the only one who can "logically" and "rationally" make decisions FOR YOU, while making the most illogical and irrational decisions imaginable.

Simply put, they are a walking contradiction of ever changing definitions, meanings, and self made moral principles. Accountable to no one under the sun, save for themselves. Even that will not matter as the window of pseudo- morals by which they perceive reality can easily be shifted anywhere they wish, at any time.

Forsaking the concept that religion in and of itself is, (while fallacious and absurd to them), an actual method of self governing principles that are proven to work within community. Holding ones self accountable to a higher authority, YES, even higher than the emperor, is designed to keep a person in a constant state of checks and balances. However, the concept of "Do as thou wilt, is the whole of the law." Is anarchy and the very antithesis of order in ones life. How anyone could reasonably assume that such chaos is a good idea is beyond me, and I'm glad honestly. But if the Atheist/ leftist wishes to amputate themselves from all reason and logic while boisterously proclaiming to be rational and "Bright" that is their prerogative. We have all seen where their method takes humanity, we have all seen what it does to the human spirit. Let those actions speak louder than their claims, there is a reason they fail.

The Atheist / leftist, hasn't a leg to stand on as they have quite deliberately severed what remains of their coherent stability. So the next time one tries to remind you of how foolish you are, kindly remind them that they equate to a fly on a bulls ass.

As it were, Atheists / leftists are (as Stan as so eloquently elaborated multiple times) totalitarian by their very nature. Therefore if were able to witness totalitarian regime of secular construct last longer than 2000 years; i.e. the same length as working world religions,I may change my mind. This will never ever happen, because it is in opposition to the human spirit, something that is unseen, and can not be empirically measured; unless one would like to tabulate the firing of neurons to somehow embody a claim of empirical evidence, you cant..

All that being said, I would feel safer living in world of radical Muslims, who I know are dead set in their ways, than dwell in the ever shifting sands of atheist/leftist ideology and non morals; wherein I shall summarily be given the "purifying" enema of Utopian principles, all while kicking and screaming.... No thanks.

Phoenix said...

I'd like to expose Maher's hypocrisy and cowardliness:
First of all,there's nothing the pope could ever do or say that could get him in Maher's good graces.Maher is an opportunist who used this as an excuse to malign the pope and cuss at him.

Remember the incident with Affleck where Harris stated "and we need to defend these people[ie. moderate muslims], prop them up and let them reform their faith.”

Atheists have said before that moderates enable extremists and yet they are willing to defend,support (prop up) and tolerate most mulsims,who are the moderate ones.Yet Maher failed to ostracize Harris for his stance in supporting the "enemy".
It's clear,Atheists may dislike Islam(at times) but they hate Christianity the most.In fact,Islam is the perfect excuse to tar Christianity with.

JBsptfn said...

Rikalonius, that's interesting that Rosie said that about fundamentalism. She doesn't realize that there are two sides to the fundamentalist coin, and Atheism is on one of those sides.

People like Marshall "why does God hate amputees" Brain are prime examples of this fundy atheist ignorance.