Saturday, January 10, 2015

Islamophobia and the Left

Is Islamophobia real? A phobia is an unfounded fear. Those who fear Islamophobia and its irrational reactive punitive violence against random Muslims are always foaming about an eventuality which never arrives. It is their own irrational fear which is at play. Or is it?

It seems to be more than just that. It goes straight to official Leftist Class Designations, with Muslims being protected Victimhood Class, and most of euro-white-civilization being the Oppressor Class. So when the Victimhood Class acts out (whether feminists, blacks, sexual deviants or Muslims) the programmed reaction is to "understand their frustrations" and to "start an overdue conversation". The target of these admonitions is always the euro-white-civilized Oppressor Class.

And coupled with their Class War is the constant Leftist appeasement of violent powers, in this case the power of Islamic retribution by killing at will. This is no different from demanding empathy for the cherished "dead cops" protestors (resulting in dead cops), or the war on rape using phony statistics at the highest government levels by removing constitutional rights from the accused so that there is never any questioning of the cherished rape accusers. Appeasement (we must negotiate, and let red lines expire) is called "Smart Diplomacy" in Leftist government.

Between Leftist appeasement and Leftist Class War, the Victimhood Class cannot ever find itself under Leftist criticism, while the Oppressor Class can never find itself without blame for the "problems" of the poor Victims.

In this case, the blame being placed is called "Islamophobia", and the projection is the never observed retributive violence against Muslims. Actual wide-spread retributive violence is purely the domain of the Victimhood Classes, and in them it is excused. Even encouraged.

Further descent into excusing the murders can be found in the internal strife at Al Jazeera, which seems to be eating itself, as some attempt once again to blame the satirists for their own slaughter. The narrative of "religion of peace" must be maintained by narrative management.

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