Monday, January 12, 2015

Kerry Stays On Narrative

Ignoring Islamist massacres, Kerry tries changing the subject. Global Warming might walk in and shoot us, you know: it's dangerous!


Robert Coble said...

I'm amazed, Stan: how could you miss the truth of "the deeply nuanced" statement by one of the brightest intellectuals to ever graduate from an Ivy League school with a "D" average?

Consider this:

". . .climate change is "violently affecting communities" worldwide. . ."

That is a true statement! You just have not applied Islamic taqiyya and kitman in order to make it "true."

The "climate change" is the change in climate required to appease violent (Rhetorical question: is there any other kind?) Islamists. In order to effect that "climate change," violent Islamists are committing acts of terrorism against their host communities, thereby violently affecting those communities. Q.E.D.

See? Easy-peasy, when you apply the Islamist and AtheoLeftist viewpoint to the situation.

Nothing to see here; no reason to send any administration representative to Paris for a false show of "solidarity" against the barbarous practices of the peaceful adherents of the "religion of peace." Just shut your blasphemous mouth and go along with the program, and you too can enjoy freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom from violence.

Otherwise: WE WILL KILL YOU!

Stan said...

I just failed to see that for some reason; but now I understand. I feel somehow... enlightened! Thanks!