Sunday, February 8, 2015

Leftist Ignorance On Sunday Morning MSM

I did something very unusual (for me) this morning. I tuned into "Meet the Press" on NBC for just a little while, long enough to hear their pontification on Obama's denigration of Christianity at the National Prayer meeting, and followed with discussion of vaccinations. They almost unanimously agreed, with David Brooks at the fore, that Obama's reference to the crusades as a criticism of Christianity was just fine. And that trying to connect Islamic atrocities to Islam is just wrong and, well, racist.

But it was the vaccine debate which got my attention. They were all, 100%, incensed that anyone would (a) not vaccinate their child, (b) so they were collectively, if only figuratively, slapping their foreheads at the thought that anyone would not trust the CDC.

Juxtaposed with this incredulity is the revelation by a CDC insider yesterday that the CDC purposefully ignored data that showed adverse affects of vaccination on certain classes of individuals (black males). This decision to NOT PUBLISH adverse affects was nowhere to be found in the minds of the NBC panel of "experts". Instead they asserted their own superior position over that of science deniers.

This should be loudly called Scientism on the one hand, and/or ignorance of current events in the panel of experts on current events, and likely: racism of the same sort which creates Victimhood ghettos for blacks. It is inexcusable.

The TV set survived. It's not the TV set's fault that it carries garbage. I spared it. But I spanked the remote.

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Robert Coble said...

Perhaps they were all suffering from PTSD, acquired by reading Brian Williams's harrowing experience of being under fire while riding in a military helicopter. . .

Or maybe it was PTSD acquired by reading of Hillary Clinton's harrowing experience of being under fire from a Bosnian sniper. . .

Or maybe it's a high regard for the "scientismic" method, used to support the global climate warming, er, cooling, er, change that is undeniably the consequences of inadequate cooling fans within the computers on which the computer climate models were developed. . .

Not to worry! SCIENCTISIM, don't you know, will eventually solve all problems, especially those problems for which there is not one shred of empirical physical evidence because the problem is not a physical problem!

What's so hard to fathom is why some physicists, supposedly some of the hardest headed "hard" science people as a profession, have fallen in love with the Theory of Evolution as a bedrock principle of all "science."

It verily boggles my pea brain. A mind is a terrible thing for something which does not exist.