Saturday, February 7, 2015

Obama's High Horse Inquisition by Drone

The Left loves to shout "high horse" at the Other, while seated on their higher horse.
Obama’s Drones Have Killed More Than the Spanish Inquisition

"So how does that number of 2,464 killed in Obama’s drone program — not including those killed in Iraq or Afghanistan — compare to, say, the Spanish Inquisition?

A decade ago the Vatican published the results of a six-year study of the Inquisition, including the number of those killed across Europe. With respect to the 350-year-long Inquisition in Spain, the BBC reported that the study found the following:

According to the 800-page report, the Inquisition that spread fear throughout Europe throughout the Middle Ages did not use execution or torture to anything like the extent history would have us believe.

In fact the book’s editor, Professor Agostino Borromeo, claims that in Spain only 1.8% of those investigated by the notorious Spanish Inquisition were killed.

Nonetheless, as the report was published, Pope John Paul II apologised once more for the interrogators’ excesses, expressing sorrow for “the errors committed in the service of the truth by the recourse to non-Christian methods” [...]

But the Vatican report, the product of a six-year investigation, insists that the Inquisition was not as bad as often believed.

Professor Borromeo says for example that for 125,000 trials of suspected heretics in Spain, less than 2% were executed.

A quick calculation finds that 1.8 percent of 125,000 would represent 2,250 killed during the Spanish Inquisition if Prof. Borromeo’s estimates are correct."
For Quick comparison:

Obama's Drones:
2,500 in 6 years.

2,250 in 350 years.

Boko Harm:
2,000 in several days.

Remember too, that Obama has killed American citizens without trials, killed numerous innocent bystanders including women and children, and has released Muslims from Gitmo who returned to the killing fields. And he bragged about being "good at killing". Obama has just started pretending to be Christian; he is not.


Steven Satak said...

Unfortunately, no one is going to publish this anywhere the average man in the street can read it, thus guaranteeing the Narrative remains the same.

I cannot believe how stupid and easily gulled most of the American public is. Has it always been like this? Or only since the rise of the Internet?

Stefani Monaghan said...

Oh, come on. Everybody knows the Inquisition killed at least 75 million. Only that ex-seminarian, Stalin, comes close to matching the horrors of Catholic bloodlust.

Rikalonius said...

Does anyone remember when GA congressman John Lewis said something about 25 million slaves being dumped overboard during the slave trade and that sharks still followed ships because of it. This is the kind of embellishment we regularly get from the left.