Friday, February 27, 2015

Obama Murders Black Teenager by Proxy: Press Is Silent

Which Black Lives Actually Matter In Obama's Utopia?
Father Of Black Teenager Murdered By Illegal Alien Asks ‘Do Black Lives Really Matter?’

"The father of a black teenager murdered by an illegal immigrant asked “do black lives really matter?” in a House hearing to review the Department of Homeland Security’s policies towards “non-citizens unlawfully present in the United States.”

That father, Jamiel Shaw, and Michael Ronnebeck, the uncle of another man murdered earlier this month by an illegal immigrant, testified at Wednesday’s hearing in front of a subcommittee of the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

Both men asserted that Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) lax detainment policies contributed to the death of their family members. ICE came under intense scrutiny last year when it was revealed that in 2013 the agency had released over 36,000 convicted criminal aliens from its custody. Of those, nearly 200 had committed murder."
Obama knowingly released murderers onto American society; he is guilty of these and other murders and crimes being perpetrated by these darlings of the Obama, his Administration and the Left.

Doing this to Americans is criminal, and would be impeachable except that half of Congress is also guilty of these murders and crimes. No impeachment of this criminal is possible.

To assess the morality of these governmental human virulences, only the immigration policy need be addressed and analyzed, even in isolation from all their other atrocities in the past 6 years.

If you voted for utopia, here it is. This represents the standard Leftist Utopia.


Robert Coble said...


I think that your assumption that Obama's support for illegal immigration is based on creating the "standard Leftist utopia" is incorrect.

There is an alternative explanation, based on Obama's Muslim tendencies and sympathies.

As you correctly opine (IMHO), Obama does NOT give a tinker's dam about "black lives" in reality. What he cares about rabidly is "fundamentally transforming America" - into a Muslim state. To that end, he has directed the various Executive branch agencies to foster that goal in every possible way. No border enforcement, no border fence, open invitations to any and all to come across the border without and checks. He doesn't care about the criminals; he wants it to be "safe" for jihadis to enter the country to continue and compete the fundamental transformation, even after (if) he leaves office.

Why send Susan Rice out to deliver the idiotic statement "an Internet video made them do it" regarding Benghazi? Why is that lie still the "official" explanation for Benghazi?

Not for the purpose of bringing about a Leftist utopia.

Why is Obama currently negotiating to allow the Iranians to continue development of a nuclear weapon capability WITHIN THE NEXT TEN YEARS?

Not for the purpose of bringing about a Leftist utopia.

Why is Obama directing the "weaponizing" of all Federal agencies?

Not for the purpose of bringing about a Leftist utopia.

Examine EVERY action by Obama and the Obamanistas using a different starting assumption:

Obama's objective is to "fundamentally transform" America into - a Muslim state.

Consider his absence and the absence of any high-ranking administration official from the Paris "solidarity show" after Charlie Hebdo.

Consider his nonchalance following the beheadings of Americans: a brief pro-forma statement and then off to the links in less than 10 minutes!

Consider his refusal to connect ISIS to Islam in any possible way. Consider his refusal to arm ISIS's opposition, his refusal to cause any meaningful degradation of ISIS, etc.

Consider the current rabid attacks on Netanyahu for daring to accept an invitation to speak to the US Congress.

Consider that the same Susan Rice who made the talk show rounds with the lie that "a video made them do it" is now peddling the lie that Netanyahu's visit and likely speech before Congress against the capitulation to Iran on the continuing development of nuclear weapons was "destructive to the fabric of the relationship" - between the United States and Israel.

Can an Iran with nuclear weapons be part of a Leftist utopia? Hardly. The Left is rabidly OPPOSED to ANY nuclear POWER program, whether the power is "peaceful" (electrical power) or not ("the BOMB").

Consider the release of high-level terrorists from Gitmo in exchange for a traitor. Does that foster a Leftist utopia? Hardly.

Robert Coble said...


To the contrary, there IS an alternative explanation which fits his behavior much better than that he is a Leftist.

It is an integral component of Islamic taqiyya and kitman to allow the infidel enemy to ASSUME that Obama's speech and actions are Leftist. It provides the perfect cover for his true motives. Anyone who dares to publicly claim otherwise is immediately attacked for being a "raciss" because "black." (Which half would that be?!?)

If that does not work, then there is high dudgeon over questioning his "patriotism." He IS patriotic - to a religious philosophy/ideology which includes a political and legal framework that allows for a "supreme ruler" - under Allah's benevolent guidance, of course.

How else to explain how a "Constitutional scholar" could do with his "pen and phone" the very things that he expressly and repeatedly said was FORBIDDEN to him by that Constitution? Why is he acting as if he is the Caliph?

Yeah, I know, I'm frantically beating a drum and all that is heard is the sound of one hand clapping.

Robert Coble said...


Link: Obama defends Islam at all cost

Is it credible that a hard-Left Alinskyite would go "wobbly" over Islam and its global behavior, or any other religion, for that matter?!?


Stan said...

Your evidence is fairly convincing, and yet there are contraries, too.

Obama used drugs (grass at least), attended a black liberation church, hung out with a Leftist couple who bombed American stuff out of Leftism.

The connection between the western Left and Islam goes far beyond just Obama; so does leftist anti-semitism.

It's almost as if the western Leftists view Islam as the army for totalitarian control of the one-world government, while thinking that the Leftists will somehow regain control after the world is conquered by their Muslim armies.

Obama doesn't seem to make sense inside any one category or class. He has some attributes that fit several classes. Like hating Christians fits the Left, Islam, and Marxism. Hating the USA fits the same three groups.

The fact that those three groups, the Left, Islam, and Marxism, cannot get along with each other in the long run clouds the issue. In the short run, though, they can all play the same card: they hate freedom, Christianity, logic, the USA, the US Constitution, etc.

I'm not sure that Obama is a Muslim, but he certainly favors them and uses them. Even before he was elected he visited Iran. I imagine that a lot of his campaign was financed by Iran. He owes them the bomb, is my assumption.