Saturday, February 28, 2015

Eric Holder Recommends Easier Laws For Declaring His War On Whites

That is the essence of what he has said, and the essence of his actions as racist-in-charge of the US Justice Department. Consider his equal lack of concern for the killing of black teens by murderous Illegal Aliens. The Illegal Aliens are more precious than even blacks, apparently. The persecution and prosecution of whites is all that Holder cares about.

He is dismayed that he has no evidence to use for persecuting/prosecuting his enemies (whites), so he wants lower standards for thought crimes. Possibly these crimes could just be presupposed, based on skin color, or class, or some other unrelated attribute. That would make racial persecution of whites by blacks/Leftists easier.
Eric Holder's parting shot: It's too hard to bring civil rights cases

"Attorney General Eric Holder plans to push, during his final weeks in office, a new standard of proof for civil-rights offenses, saying in an exit interview with POLITICO that such a change would make the federal government “a better backstop” against discrimination in cases like Ferguson and Trayvon Martin.

In a lengthy discussion ranging from his own exposure to the civil rights movement of the ’60s to today’s controversies surrounding the shootings of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, Holder also acknowledged that he felt some of his own struggles with Republicans in Congress during his six years in office were driven partly by race."
Holder brought racism directly into the job, operated as a black racist while in the job, and leaves spouting racist excuses for not doing more as a racist in the job.
President Obama Breaks Into Tears as He Says Goodbye to Holder
Perhaps he will weep as the new racist is installed as chief of DOJ. (I'm surprised that Al Sharpton didn't buy the position for himself...)

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Steven Satak said...

"Eric Holder's exit interview". That's rich. If they cared about what he thought, they would have kept him on.