Friday, February 27, 2015

Two At CPAC Who Have My Attention

Scott Walker and Ben Carson.

Despite Obama's dictatorial hegemonies, nearly half the country still approves of him. Based on that alone, I'm not sure that an actual Constitution-bearing candidate can win in '16. And of course there is the new constituency, the Leftist Illegals vote...

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Robert Coble said...

Perhaps I'm too jaundiced in my view of both political parties. . .

I'm all in favor of Dr. Ben Carson. I've read his books, I applaud his Horatio Alger story of "rags to riches." I especially appreciate his candor when "speaking truth to power." I love the fact that he is not a "bought and paid for" Establishment candidate, that he is not a political professional. A doctor certainly brings something different to politics than a lawyer.

That said, I think he has a "snowball's chance in hell" of actually winning the 2016 Republican nomination. It has nothing to do with his race, his intelligence, his humanity. It has EVERYTHING to do with NOT being an Establishment Republican: he is not part of that exclusive club. The Establishment will spend whatever is needed to marginalize him, up to and including helping the Leftist media find anything with which to destroy him personally and politically. Consider Herman Cain and Alan Keyes as cogent recent examples.

As for Scott Walker: I like the actions that he has taken while governor. My caveat is simply that he is a professional politician. I do not trust professional politicians - period. Professional politicians have perfected using taqiyya and kitman to a degree that Islamists globally should envy.