Saturday, February 28, 2015

What, Exactly, Are the Risks?

If DHS is shut down, there are all sorts of risks. Like, the borders will be open. Like, old ladies won't get groped and young ladies won't get their nude bodies ogled in X-ray booths in airports. Like, millions of phones won't get tapped and computers won't be infected with backdoors or time-released worms. Like, what else? I can't really think of anything else. (Put the Coast Guard under the Navy, the CIA under the Army, and the FBI under Congressional oversight).

Under Obama, DHS is the opposite of homeland security. They allow illegals from all nations free entry and give them all sorts of stuff, including busing them to the farthest reaches of the nation. They turn thousands of illegal alien criminals, including hundreds of murderers, loose on the nation, not to mention allowing entry to the diseased parasite carriers.

All that could be done more efficiently with zero personnel and zero budget and zero Leftist administrators hauling down zero huge salaries and zero bonuses.

So I say, just shut it down permanently. What ever risks that produces are already there in the existing system.

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Robert Coble said...

I seem to recall there is a Dept. of Defense with an annual budget of nearly $500 BILLION hidden somewhere. Maybe they could be mustered to actually DEFEND the Homeland. . .

On second thought, NEVER MIND!

They are too busy carrying out "peace missions" through "overseas contingency operations" against the "violent extremists" to be redeployed to actually DEFEND this country's borders.

I just "love" Big Brother!