Sunday, March 22, 2015

Headline of the Day

From Instapundit:
STARBUCKS: Where Only The Coffee Is Black! It’s not shocking at all that this lame “conversation about race” stuff is coming from an organization that’s as white as a Netroots Nation conference, an Obama campaign HQ, a New Republic alumni get-together or a Vox editorial board meeting.

The primary purpose of race-talk in America today is to allow elite whites to silence and shame non-elite whites. Thus, it’s not surprising that the people pushing it are . . . a bunch of elite whites.


Mr. Jibaku said...

Stan, they have pulled this campaign.

Robert Coble said...

See how quickly serious problems can be solved if we all just RACE TOGETHER!!

(I guess the Twitter blow-back cooled the ardor for coffee servers to have a forced one-sided "conversation" on racial issues.)

I can imagine those white baristas standing around behind the counter in a "HANDS UP! DON'T SHOOT!" pose.