Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Leftist War On Israel and Jews Is In The Open

US Accuses Israel of Spying
Israel is left out in the cold by US negotiations that will affect the survival of Israel at the hand of Iran. The US government is the bad actor here.
Dem Rep Rips Breitbart Editor as ‘Orthodox’ Jew at Anti-Israel Convention
The J Street Conference is anything BUT what it advertises itself; it is Leftist anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian-PA/Hamas. It's odd that so many Jews hate Israel, and want what the Palestinians want: The Palestinians want ALL of Israel, and they are not bashful about saying so. They have refused statehood several times in the past, because they want Israel, free of Jews, for themselves. "J Street" consists of the Palestinian's useful idiots.

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Robert Coble said...

J.I.N.O. - Jew in name only

Not to worry: it's all part of the "final solution" to the Jewish "problem" - dead Jews tell no fabulist tales about Holocausts.

An awful lot of people are going to be killed when the Shiites hit the nuclear fan.

There is an old book available that predicts the coming (SOON) apocalypse, the major players, and the final outcome. A hint: it ain't gonna end well for those who try to eliminate the remaining Jews in Israel.

Too bad that the J Streeters and the Muslims don't bother reading it.