Thursday, March 19, 2015

Obama's War On Israel

Apparently Obama wants to use the UN to force Israel and Netanyahu to accept some sort of Palestinian deal. Given Obama's capitulation to Iran, a similar capitulation to the terrorists of Palestine would be a perfectly rational anticipation.

Israel, like Jews around the world now, is facing angry anti-Semitism from previously sympathetic western nations. But western nations have increasingly been de-westernized by governments taken over by Leftists with hatred for western principles, those precepts which produced the freedoms and abundance which Leftists both enjoy and hate, and want to destroy. Obama has promised to fundamentally change - destroy - those precepts.

Even in Israel, the desire to protect its western-type of free existence seems to be waning, with Netanyahu's mere 30 out of 120 seats seeming to be a paltry percentage of a western nation's votes (yet a victory amongst a multi-party system). If Bibi cannot muster a coalition with other parties, then what has he actually won?

If Obama succeeds in assembling an international assault on Israel, Netanyahu will be forced to officially muster his defenses against it. That's because the Palestinians want all of Israel, not just part; they are not bashful about their demands and their intents. They have refused the offer of statehood multiple times, because it did not include the ground they demand. Obama, in his anger, might be inclined to more insanity then even previously asserted on US borders.

Obama's anti-Semitism is now blatantly apparent. Whether it is fascist in nature (there is an argument there to be made) or Islamic in nature (an argument there also), or just black prejudice in the form of Al Sharpton's bloody incitement, is hard to know at the moment. Perhaps it's a perfect storm of all three.

But given that there are whites also involved with the administration and its tantrums, my bet is on pure anti-Semitism, uncut with other ideology. The Obama world is racist, and Jews always fit into patterns of racist hatred, from Sharpton to the KKK. (Oddly, even secular Jews tend to become Leftist anti-Semites, which can only be understood as self-hatred under some disorder I haven't figured out).

There is nothing about Obama's upbringing that would favor freedom and anti-anti-Semitism. Everything in his youth would go contrary to that. And that was fully known before the 2008 elections, for those who cared to know it.

This is another factor in Obama's fury against Israel/Netanyahu:
Media declare loser in Israeli election: Barack Obama

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