Thursday, March 19, 2015

Too Funny

Democrats are filibustering the anti-sex-trafficking bill, and that is holding up the vote on Lynch for AG.

So a Democrat charges Republicans with keeping Lynch "at the back of the bus".

Meanwhile, Drudge reminds us of the Democrat attacks on Condoleeza Rice during her confirmation.

Democrats can be hysterically funny sometimes.

The clincher here is that Democrats didn't even read the anti-sex-trafficking bill which they originally supported, and which prohibits taxpayer-funding of abortions. When they found out, they became incensed that the bill contains that language. So they won't allow a vote for a bill on anti-sex-trafficking until it provides taxpayer-funding for abortions. Taxpayer-funded progeny dismemberment (abortion) has always been a hot goal of the Left.

Of course the issue can be resolved with the nuclear option, and the Democrats absolutely deserve that, having used it to get ObamaCare passed.

My inclination would be to let them filibuster for the next two years, until we get a new president and even more liberty lovers in Congress (if that's even possible in today's USA). Do we need more laws? We get thousands of new regulations every year without involving Congress. I'd say we have plenty. Do we need another racist AG? I'd say we've had plenty. Do we even need a budget? I'd say a year or two off would be fine; let the tax money go to the states, which in turn could fund the military and defend each state's external borders. Defunding the White House and Air Force One would be fine with me also. Turn it into a museum, like Elvis's house and plane. That way it would make money rather than suck it up. I can fantasize a little, can't I?

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