Saturday, April 4, 2015

As It Should Be

Florida State Fraternity Brothers Help Stop Assault On Female Student

"The legal system failed us when it released 24-year-old Patrick Furman onto the streets of Tallahassee, Florida. He was fresh off of five years in lockup after being convicted of aggravated battery with intended harm and escaping a treatment program. Only three days after he was released from Gadsden County Prison, he found himself back in cuffs in the custody of the Florida State University Police Department.

Yesterday, just after midnight, Furman approached a young woman from behind and began grabbing her chest and attempted to pull her away with him. As the victim struggled, several Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity brothers were walking near the Oglesby Student Union when they unknowingly walked into a crime in progress. That’s when he released the victim, and the fraternity brothers gave chase."
Maybe fraternities should set up citizen patrols on campus. Or escorting service for females who feel vulnerable. There's an opportunity for doing good here.

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Rikalonius said...

Citizen patrols are an anathema to college administrators who loathe independent action. Only the authorized, uniformed agent of the state is properly indoctrinated to understand the nuances of law enforcement; until they shoot a "gentle giant" then elitist organized riots with party approved slogans and chants are acceptable.