Monday, April 6, 2015

Marginalizing CHORFs with SAD PUPPIES: Tale of a Small But Significant Conquest in the Culture War

If you reside outside the Science Fiction fandom community you, like me, might be a little confused by the internal class war skirmishes. Here is a coherent description of the conflict.

Reasons for optimism:
"The Sad Puppies have struck a blow for creative and intellectual freedom. But their campaign is just one part of a wider movement against the forces of the authoritarian left, whose allies are decreasing by the day. Whether they are called CHORFs, SJWs or Stepford Students, authoritarians, finger-waggers, bullies and panic-mongers are facing a backlash across dozens of fronts as the defiant spirit of GamerGate floods into other fandoms.

Ordinary people are utterly fed up with the dominance of cliquish culture warriors whose bizarre opinions do not reflect those of the majority. They are fed up with being told what to do, what to believe, and whom to exclude. Wherever and whoever they may be, crusaders for political and social conformity are in the midst of a storm. And that storm is only just beginning."

Breaking the Leftist stranglehold on this one area of public interest promises of future breakouts as well. It requires standing firm against totalitarian tactics in any arena where they are found. And it requires a significant number of freedom lovers participating the smackdowns.

Just do it.

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