Monday, April 6, 2015

New Rules For Engagement: The Death of Civility and Tolerance in AtheoLeftist USA

The lawless Left will likely be shocked when their lawlessness persecution of the Other results in a counterbalancing lawlessness in defense of law and morality by those who are being "othered".
Liberals May Regret Their New Rules
Kurt Schlichter

"And then liberals would be well advised to ask themselves who will be willing to fight and die to preserve their power and policies. In contrast, there are an awful lot of people willing to fight and die for their religion and our Constitution.

And let’s be blunt – these are the people with most of the guns and the training to use them. That’s the reality of the rule of force. I’ve seen it – it’s there behind me in that photo.

Now, this will no doubt draw the lie that I am somehow advocating violence. The current liberal habit of shamelessly lying about their opponents makes civil debate impossible. Similarly, the mockery of non-liberals before stacked audiences of trained seals a la Jon Stewart is part and parcel of the same strategy of delegitimizing any opposition. Closing down the option of discussion leaves their opponents with only the option of action. So far, the action has only been in funding campaigns for oppressed pizzerias and in the voting booth – though they’ve trying to nullify that too.

I’m not advocating violence – I am warning liberals that they are setting the conditions for violence."
I am less sanguine about the avoidance of violence. It is rational to meet violence in kind, even more rational to meet violence with a stronger in kind that which is dealt; that is an accepted principle of self-defense. In terms of cancer and its ideological equivalent, Class War, radical excision of the metastasized and surrounding potentially infected is absolutely necessary. It is rational to reject and eject the irrational. But it is difficult to stop there as the French Revolution and its descent into terror proved.

The key to a rational excision of lawlessness without producing the contrary mindless but balancing lawlessness is to either negotiate a rational accommodation, or to exercise contrary power, albeit temporarily lawless, earlier than the French did in the cycle of oppression.

I frankly can't see that happening, either way. The current AtheoLeft negotiates with America's enemies, not with Americans. And it has created a domestic army which it has armed to the teeth against American citizens while opening the borders to illegal entry by foreigners of all stripes. Any internal insurrection would need to be terrorist in nature, with secret attacks - and that goes against the grain of the princples still retained by traditional Americans - so far.

So the most likely eventuality will be the full-out revolution after the AtheoLeftist persecution of the morally principled becomes far too onerous to bear any longer. That means there will be considerable damage and flow of blood.
"Liberals need to understand the reality that rarely penetrates their bubble. Non-liberal Americans (it’s more than just conservatives who are under the liberal establishment’s heel) are the majority of this country. They hold power in many states and regions in unprecedented majorities. And these attacks focus on what they hold dearest – their religion, their families and their freedom.

What is the end game, liberals? Do you expect these people you despise to just take it? Do you think they’ll just shrug their shoulders and say, “Well, I guess we better comply?” Do you even know any real Americans? Do you think you’ll somehow be able to force them into obedience – for what is government power but force – after someone finally says “Enough?”"
Totalitarians have just the one end game: force by whatever means. They are now emboldened to use it all against their own countrymen... because they are the religion of correctness and new morality which is just this: dogmatic totalitarian paganism.
"Liberals think this free society just sort of happened, that they can poke and tear at its fabric and things will just go on as before. But they won’t. So at the end of the day, if you want a society governed by the rule of force, you better pray that you’re on the side with the guns and those who know how to use them."
I practice with mine.

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There is no end to Leftist Insanity:
Non-citizens in New York City could soon be given the right to vote

New York City council is currently drafting legislation that would allow all legal residents, regardless of US citizenship, the right to vote in city elections

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Stefani Monaghan said...

Just FYI: there is precedent for non-citizen voting in the US. Most states allowed it at one time or another (NY from 1776-1804), though one has to go back nearly a century to find the last example.

The Supreme Court decision, Minor v. Happersett takes note of it.