Friday, April 3, 2015

Will The AtheoLeft Riot Over Their Own Pets' Distaste For Homosexual Marriage??

The Leftist Atheist love and respect for the Religion of Peace is well documented. I doubt that any of their pet religious bakers will feel any AtheoLeftist heat over rejecting homosexual wedding cake requests. Their hypocrisy is without match. It is Christians that their vast reservoirs of hate are directed; well, plus Israel/Israeli Jews (but not J Street Jews who also hate Israel/Israeli Jews).

There is no Atheist-Leftist outrage over Islamic slaughter of Christians... and homosexuals. The carefully negotiated gift of nukes for Iran shows the genuflection of the Left before the Religion of Peace while ignoring the "Death To America" chants coming from the Religion of Peace's leaders. That's not what the Left cares about. "Death to America" actually has a sweet ring to their Class Warrior ears. White, European-origin, Christian-ethic, producers of western culture and prosperity are the sworn enemy of the Left. If that involves self-hate and love of tyrants with similar western hatred, then under Consequentialist tactical practicality, that's what one does. These are the enemies of rationality, civility, and actual tolerance for the Other... because the Other must be conquered, not tolerated. On that point, the AtheoLeft and Islamic hegemons are congruent.

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